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Dubai Creek Harbour Area Guide

About Dubai Creek Harbour Area

Emaar Properties, at the confluence of the historic and captivating Dubai Creek, is bringing to life a masterpiece of urban planning - Dubai Creek Harbour. This bold, enticing mixed-use development by the waterside stands as a sparkling tribute to Dubai's far-reaching futuristic vision. It's here in this inventive space, where the soothing ebb of natural landscapes effortlessly melds with the vibrant beat of city life, crafting a fresh narrative of urban living. It's a lifestyle that perfectly marries the energy of a cosmopolitan hub with the tranquility of nature.

Dubai Creek Harbour epitomizes luxury and accessibility, curating a lifestyle that addresses every whim and requirement. Inhabitants find themselves constantly surrounded by the stunning artistry of their surroundings. Majestic views of the unspoiled creek waters and lush green parks, complemented by the awe-inspiring sight of the city's skyline, serve as a constant source of visual pleasure.

About Dubai Creek Harbour Area
Dubai Creek Harbour Community

Dubai Creek Harbour Community

The shining centerpiece of this phenomenal development is the Creek Tower. More than just an architectural structure, it's an inspiring marvel that dramatically punctuates the skyline and redefines the cityscape. This striking edifice stands tall as an icon of modern design, its grand structure visible for miles. It personifies Dubai's audacity and splendor, affording residents and visitors panoramic vistas of the ever-transforming skyline.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a glowing  testament to the city's dedication to erecting future-ready living habitats that offer comfort, luxury, and an unparalleled standard of living. Its prime location, superior amenities, and innovative architectural design set it apart. Here, nature and urban life don't merely coexist but thrive together, sketching a new vision for urban living.

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Hospitals In Dubai Creek Harbour
The overall well-being of the residents is considered paramount in Dubai Creek Harbour. This is guaranteed through the provision of some of the region's finest medical institutions. These hospitals in Dubai Creek Harbour are not only destinations for immediate healthcare but also promote a culture of preventive care and everyday wellness.

1. Emirates Hospital Jumeirah (4.4 stars)

This esteemed healthcare institution leads the way in delivering all-inclusive medical services within the community. Equipped with the most modern medical technology and served by a highly competent medical workforce, it pledges to deliver healthcare of superior quality tailored to each patient. Its extensive range of specialties, along with its patient-centric care model, guarantees individualized attention for all. The top-notch facilities provide a reassuring and comfortable atmosphere, further enriching the patient experience.

2. Al Ittihad Health Center (3.4 stars)

Positioned in Al Safa, Al Ittihad Health Center stands as a significant healthcare institution within Dubai, UAE, most notably for those residing in Dubai Creek Harbour. Its expansive visual gallery and abundant reviews illuminate the center's cutting-edge facilities and supreme healthcare offerings. A team of skilled experts provide a range of medical treatments and procedures, leveraging the latest advancements in medical technology. By providing clear, convenient contact pathways, it fosters effortless interactions for appointment scheduling or queries, positioning it as a preferred healthcare choice among the local populace.

3. Yugen Care (4.2 stars)

Boasting a strategic location opposite Sunset Mall in Jumeirah 3, Yugen Care, under the guidance of Dr. Gehad, shines as a prestigious healthcare establishment in Dubai, UAE, and notably serves the Dubai Creek Harbour population as well. The center's sterling reputation is evidenced by a solid 4.2 rating coupled with more than 100 affirming reviews. At its core, the commitment of Dr. Gehad and his proficient team to delivering superior healthcare is unequivocal, complemented by their technologically advanced amenities depicted in a broad photo array. Notably, they also cater to residents of Ras Al-Khaimah and adjacent regions, thereby broadening the reach of quality healthcare services.

Schools in Dubai Creek Harbour
Dubai Creek Harbour is an ever-flourishing community. It emphasizes the importance of quality education and is ideally located near a selection of first-rate schools. Each of these schools in Dubai Creek Harbour is known for its high standards and a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring families in Dubai Creek Harbour access to an excellent education.

1. Deira International School

Think about Deira International School for a moment. Just a quick hop away in Dubai Festival City, and merely 2.4 km from Dubai Creek Harbour. Providing both the British and International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula, it started nurturing young minds back in 2005. The school focuses on all-around development, an approach that has earned it a solid reputation. With a 'Very Good' government rating and a parent score of 3.6, the AED 58,000 annual fee speaks volumes about the caliber of education. For a closer look at the offerings, check out's comprehensive review.

2. The City School International

The City School International is another all-through school that is within easy reach of the community, located in Nadd Al Hamar at a distance of 3.7 km. The school, which opened its doors in 2006, offers the British curriculum, catering to a broad range of academic requirements and personal development goals. It has earned a 'Good' government rating and holds a parent rating of 2.3, showcasing its commitment to delivering a high-standard education. With an annual fee of AED 21,000, the school provides a balanced mix of quality education and affordability. A more detailed review can be found on

3. Grammar School Dubai

A bit further away, at a distance of 4.3 km in Al Garhoud, lies Grammar School Dubai. This institution, which opened its doors in 2006, offers the British curriculum, focused on cultivating young minds. It holds an 'Acceptable' government rating and a 3.1 parent rating, indicating its dedication to providing a decent level of education. With annual fees of only AED 5,400, it's a budget-friendly option for families. A thorough review of the school is available on

Gyms in Dubai Creek Harbour
In Dubai Creek Harbour, fostering a culture of health and wellness is deeply ingrained in the community's fabric, evidenced by an array of first-class gyms for the residents. Each one of the gyms in Dubai Creek Harbour delivers distinct amenities and services, accommodating a diverse array of fitness interests and proficiency levels.

1. House of Ahli GYM

Garnering an impressive 4.5 rating, House of Ahli GYM has been a constant fitness partner for the community members for more than seven years. Positioned on 242 Ras Al Khor St, it welcomes fitness enthusiasts as early as 7 AM, making it a go-to spot for early birds wishing to kick-start their day with a vigorous workout session. With cutting-edge workout machinery and expansive premises, House of Ahli GYM delivers a comprehensive fitness environment to its members.

2. Fitness Terminal, ladies branch NaddAlhamar

Exclusively catering to the fairer sex, Fitness Terminal resides on Nad Al Hamar Rd and has carved out a reputation as a trusted fitness hub in the neighborhood. Holding a solid 4.1 rating, this gym has, for over five years, fostered a safe and inviting atmosphere for women looking to pursue their fitness goals. Prioritizing privacy and comfort, Fitness Terminal opens its doors from 6 AM, ensuring a tranquil workout environment for its female clientele.

3. Metalize

With an admirable rating of 4.4, Metalize has been a steady fitness fixture in the community, with over seven years of dedicated service. Occupying a central spot in Dubai, Metalize receives fitness devotees from 6 AM onwards. Its distinguishing aspect is its adaptable indoor fitness zone, which includes areas for both mixed and women-only workouts, both indoors and al fresco. This mindful layout of Metalize speaks to the varying requirements and preferences of its members, ensuring a tailored fitness experience.

Restaurants in Dubai Creek Harbour
Dubai Creek Harbour serves as a gourmet hub with its diverse array of eateries. Each one of the restaurants in Dubai Creek Harbour is offering a unique dining experience through its distinct ambiance and specialized menu offerings.

1. Mondoux

A food connoisseur's delight, Mondoux is celebrated for its inventive flavor profiles. Its menu is a splendid fusion of traditional and modern culinary trends, presenting dishes like the popular avocado burgers and the luxuriously creamy mushroom risotto enriched with parmesan and truffle oil. From breakfast to dinner, with a tempting selection of desserts, Mondoux has something to satisfy every food fancy. The estimated cost for two people is around AED 260. Conveniently positioned in Building 1, South Promenade, Mondoux is open from 08:00 am - 11:00 pm from Saturday to Wednesday, with extended hours until 12:00 am on Thursdays and Fridays, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining journey.

2. Soulgreen Dubai

Serving as an oasis for health-conscious dining, Soulgreen Dubai offers a wide-ranging menu that pleases vegans and carnivores alike. The culinary selection is an explosion of global tastes, illustrated in their signature 'Soul Bowls' inspired by various international food traditions. The restaurant's atmosphere is harmonious with its food philosophy - inviting, relaxed, and brimming with warmth. A meal for two here is expected to cost around AED 220. Nestled in Vida Creek Harbour, Soulgreen Dubai opens its doors from 12:00 pm until midnight, serving up tasty meals throughout the day.

3. The Courtyard

Embodying the laid-back charm of the Mediterranean, The Courtyard is a go-to spot for authentic regional flavors. Its menu is a tribute to Mediterranean staples, presenting dishes such as hummus, cheese rakakat, falafel, lamb kibbeh, and the irresistible chicken shish tawouk. The Courtyard upholds a smart casual dress code and offers a wallet-friendly dining experience, with the average cost for two being around AED 120. Set on the ground floor of Vida Creek Harbour, the restaurant welcomes patrons from 08:00 am till midnight, ensuring delectable meals are served all day.

Hotels in Dubai Creek Harbour
Dubai Creek Harbour is a plush haven for the discerning globetrotter, housing an array of superior hotels that merge opulence, relaxation, and exemplary service. More than just providing a place to rest, these hotels in Dubai Creek Harbour offer an immersive experience that includes awe-inspiring views, top-notch facilities, and immediate access to the bustling heart of Dubai.

1. Vida Creek

Vida Creek is one such hotel, a sublime refuge of elegance and tranquility that exists within the impressive architectural masterpiece that is Dubai Creek Harbour. Holding an impressive rank of #122 out of 939 hotels in Dubai, Vida Creek offers its guests a matchless blend of modern facilities and hypnotizing vistas. Located within easy reach of Downtown Dubai, this hotel provides an unparalleled perspective of the city's emblematic skyline and the captivating Creek Marina. 

Guests can avail a range of amenities including complimentary parking, high-speed Wi-Fi, an advanced fitness center, a swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, and even accommodations for pets. Each guest room is soundproofed and  well-equipped with features such as blackout curtains, air conditioning, an additional bathroom, desk, coffee/tea maker, and more. At Vida Creek, guests are submerged in an environment of contemporary ease and luxurious peace.

2. Address Grand

Another jewel in Dubai Creek Harbour's crown is the Address Grand Creek Harbour. This five-star luxury hotel, standing at #335 out of 939 hotels in Dubai, sets a new benchmark for deluxe hospitality. Address Grand Creek Harbour radiates splendour, from its sumptuously furnished rooms to its world-class dining and recreational amenities. The hotel's prime location, directly connected to the waterfront promenade, provides guests with access to a vast array of retail and entertainment options, marking it as a center of vibrant activity. 

The hotel also offers cutting-edge facilities like an electric vehicle charging station, high-speed Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a fully-equipped fitness center, and a luxurious lounge bar. The rooms offer amenities such as blackout curtains, bathrobes, air conditioning, a dining area, coffee/tea maker, and more. Just a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, Address Grand Creek Harbour serves as an ideal base for business travellers, leisure enthusiasts, and families, offering them a connection to the best of what Dubai has to offer.

Things to Do in Dubai Creek Harbour
Dubai Creek Harbour, the dynamic centre of Dubai, offers a myriad of enthralling experiences that harmoniously merge art, technology, and nature, ensuring an array of things to do in Dubai Creek Harbour.

1. Interact with Music Shadows at Creek Harbour

An unparalleled attraction within Dubai Creek Harbour is Music Shadows, an interactive installation that you won't want to miss. This inventive blend of art, science, and technology transforms your shadow into a delightful orchestra of sound. As your body moves, your shadow interacts with sensors, generating mesmerizing music notes. This magical fusion of light, shadow, motion, and music creates a uniquely immersive experience that is sure to captivate both the young and old.

2. Discover the Joy Tree Sculpture

Instilling a sense of elation and positivity, the Joy Tree Sculpture is a radiant beacon within Dubai Creek Harbour. This vibrant art installation is designed to spread happiness to everyone who glimpses it. Its lively colours and imaginative design not only lift your mood but also add a burst of colour to the urban landscape. Whether you're strolling past or intentionally seeking it out, the Joy Tree Sculpture presents an uplifting spectacle that is sure to spark joy.

3. Capture Memories at the Flower Tree

The Flower Tree, with its appealing floral design, serves as an exceptional backdrop for your cherished photographs. This eye-catching piece of art is a spectacle with its detailed craftsmanship and kaleidoscope of colours. Not only does the Flower Tree elevate the aesthetics of Dubai Creek Harbour, but it also creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal location to relax, reflect, and snap some stunning, social media-ready photos. Your journey through Dubai Creek Harbour wouldn't be complete without immortalising a few beautiful moments against the backdrop of the Flower Tree.

Amenities Dubai Creek Harbour Offers
Dubai Creek Harbour stands as an impressive manifestation of a comprehensive community that seamlessly blends luxury, ease, and a well-rounded lifestyle. This all-encompassing haven brims with amenities designed not just to fulfill the residents' everyday needs, but also to facilitate an upscale lifestyle steeped in comfort and opulence.

This expansive community encapsulates several green havens at its core, where residents can revel in the calming ambiance of lush parks. These vibrant green retreats are ideal for outdoor activities like picnics, leisurely strolls, or simply basking in the invigorating outdoors, serving as a green lung in the city's epicenter.

Adding to the allure of this community is the marina-facing promenade, a perfect spot for residents to enjoy stunning waterfront views and relaxing walks. This walkway is sprinkled with an array of luxury retail outlets, ensuring residents can cater to their shopping desires without leaving the community's confines.

Walkways, architecturally designed to be both safe and visually pleasing, crisscross the community, promoting an active and wholesome lifestyle amongst residents.

Mirroring Dubai's commitment to building a tech-forward and sustainable city, Dubai Creek Harbour is integrated with state-of-the-art infrastructure ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Super-fast internet services or environmentally-friendly commuting solutions - this community has been meticulously planned with a progressive mindset.

Properties For Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

For potential homeowners seeking a sound investment or a new place to call home, Dubai Creek Harbour offers an assortment of properties for sale. Choose from contemporary, well-furnished apartments equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and tasteful interiors. These apartments vary from compact yet opulent units to expansive family homes, all designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience.

If you're seeking a grandeur-infused lifestyle, consider the plush villas boasting ample living spaces, private gardens, and refined design. Luxury penthouses are also on offer for those who desire a premium lifestyle. These residences offer awe-inspiring views, top-notch amenities, and unparalleled comfort, making them an investment worth considering.
Properties For Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour
Properties For Rent in Dubai Creek Harbour

Properties For Rent in Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour features a wide range of rental properties, including stylish, modern apartments that impress with their waterfront vistas and cutting-edge amenities. There's an array of options to cater to various needs - from cosy one-bedroom apartments for singles or couples to larger residences designed for families and amazing rental properties in Emaar Beachfront with sea views.

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, Dubai Creek Harbour also houses spacious, intricately crafted villas that provide an element of privacy and a touch of luxury. Additionally, the stunning penthouses offer an unrivalled living experience, with sweeping views of the Creek Tower and the dazzling Dubai skyline. Living in Dubai Creek Harbour equates to enjoying a refined lifestyle, complemented by top-tier facilities, contemporary infrastructure, and a community of like minded residents.

Investment Opportunities in Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is not just a residential hub, but a prime location brimming with promising real estate investment opportunities. Its strategic position, forward-thinking design, superior construction quality, and a wide assortment of property types make it a compelling option for substantial returns on investment.

Be it residential, commercial, or mixed-use properties, investing in Dubai Creek Harbour is a savvy decision. The continuous development and increasing demand for waterfront properties And sea view Properties in this area forecast a steady appreciation in property value over time. Hence, it's not merely an investment for now, but a secure promise for a profitable future. This factor turns Dubai Creek Harbour into a hotspot for both local and international investors seeking sturdy investment opportunities in the booming Dubai real estate market.
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