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Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

About Dubai Hills Estate Area

Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding have joined hands to bring Dubai Hills Estate to life—a masterstroke in urban planning, a testament to elegance, and a haven of comfort. Unfurling expansively around a sublime 18-hole championship golf course, it is more than just a residential district; it is a city in its own right, teeming with life and offering an all-encompassing lifestyle.

Dubai Hills Estate is an ode to tranquility, elegance, and sophistication. An intricate tapestry of thoughtfully planned neighborhoods, the residences range from stately villas to ultra-modern apartments and luxurious penthouses. The cutting-edge architectural design of the homes complements the natural grandeur of their surrounding landscapes, creating a perfect balance between indulgence and tranquility.
About Dubai Hills Estate Area
Dubai Hills Estate Community Guide

Dubai Hills Estate Community Guide

The beating heart of Dubai Hills Estate is its sense of community. A trove of amenities awaits the residents, providing everything from retail indulgences to educational necessities. The Dubai Hills Mall, with its cornucopia of world-renowned brands and boutiques, satiates even the most ardent shoppers. For the younger inhabitants, a medley of top-notch schools imparts high-quality education, paving the path to bright futures.

Wellness isn't an afterthought—it's woven into the fabric of the community. With state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and fitness centers, Dubai Hills Estate takes care of both the body and the mind. Sprawling parks and verdant green spaces invite inhabitants to revel in the beauty of their surroundings. Crisscrossing cycling and jogging tracks offer residents myriad opportunities to pursue fitness while soaking in the sublime vistas.

Dubai Hills Estate doesn't merely provide a luxurious abode; it bestows upon its residents a well-rounded lifestyle, seamlessly fusing the charm of modern living with the magic of Mother Nature's splendor.

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Hospitals in Dubai Hills Estate
Dubai Hills Estate takes pride in its stellar healthcare facilities, making no compromises when it comes to the health and well-being of its residents. Notable hospitals in Dubai Hills Estate such as King’s College Hospital, International Medical Center (IMC), and Apex Medical Clinic stand as pillars of this commitment, ensuring high-quality medical services are always accessible.

1. King’s College Hospital

Located centrally within Dubai Hills Estate, the esteemed King’s College Hospital offers a beacon of reliable healthcare. Mirroring the standards of its renowned UK counterpart, the hospital comprises 100 beds and specializes in disciplines including pediatrics, endocrinology, orthopedics, and obstetrics & gynecology. Its arsenal of acute and general services is backed by a team of doctors, many holding training credentials from London. State-of-the-art laboratories coupled with a compassionate patient-first approach underpin the hospital's aim to be recognized as Dubai's premier healthcare destination.

2. International Medical Center (IMC)

The International Medical Center (IMC) provides an enriching blend of professionalism and warmth, offering top-notch care to the residents of Dubai Hills Estate. The center thrives on diversity, covering areas like dermatology, cosmetic surgery, beauty & aesthetics, dentistry, and obstetrics & gynecology. By building strong affiliations with major insurance providers and harnessing the skills of a seasoned medical team, IMC delivers high-quality, convenient healthcare services to all patients.

3. Apex Medical Clinic

A stone's throw from Dubai Hills Estate, in the bustling precinct of Motor City, stands the Apex Medical Clinic. The clinic has earned a reputation for excellence in healthcare services, particularly in the realm of dental care. From dental veneers and implants to oral surgery and family dental care, it offers a broad range of services. The clinic also delves into physiotherapy, psychiatry, vaccinations, and allergy testing. Apex Medical Clinic works in close tandem with numerous insurance companies, aiming to streamline healthcare management for patients.

Schools in Dubai Hills Estate
Dubai Hills Estate takes pride in housing illustrious educational institutions that provide high-standard curricula to its diverse residents. Schools in Dubai Hills Estate such as the American School of Creative Science, King's School, and Dubai Heights Academy define excellence in this vibrant community.

1. American School of Creative Science

Al Barsha is home to the unique American School of Creative Science (ASCS), an institution where an international syllabus and Arabic language program form an exceptional blend. The integration of California Common Core Standards with the UAE's curriculum for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social studies lays the foundation of this synergy. Adding a special flavor to the mix is ASCS's tailor-made Computer curriculum. Nurtured under the watchful eyes of seasoned teachers, students dive into a pool of learning, while also getting the chance to explore their passions through an eclectic Extra-Curricular program.

2. King's School

King's School in Al Barsha, another gem in the community, weaves the British curriculum into its fabric, imparting primary and secondary education. The learning journey here is embellished with enriching experiences leading to GCSE and A-level qualifications, along with the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). King's School also dangles the opportunity to earn the coveted Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh Award before its students. This vibrant institution keeps its students engaged with a broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities, spanning from performing arts to various sports.

3. Dubai Heights Academy

Committed to fostering balanced growth, Dubai Heights Academy stands tall with its approach to education. Following the English National Curriculum, the academy complements academics with diverse programs in music, drama, and sports. Within its safe confines, students experience an enriching academic atmosphere aimed at nurturing their overall development. The campus teems with state-of-the-art amenities – temperature-controlled swimming pools, fully-equipped laboratories, dedicated rooms for arts, music, and technology, comprehensive libraries, indoor sports halls, outdoor courts, and a 500-seat theatre. These facilities are a testament to the academy's dedication to providing an enriching, diverse, and engaging learning environment.

Gyms in Dubai Hills Estate
Dubai Hills Estate is a fitness haven, abounding with top-notch gyms and health centers. Be it FitnGlam Women’s SuperClub, F45 Training, or Level Up Pilates, each of these gyms in Dubai Hills Estate offers distinctive fitness routines, health services, personalized coaching, and a community that motivates residents to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

1. FitnGlam Women’s SuperClub Dubai Hills Mall

FitnGlam Women’s SuperClub, tucked away in Dubai Hills Mall, offers a unique fitness sanctuary created solely for women. Here, a wide array of classes awaits the fitness-minded - from high-octane HIIT sessions to soothing yoga, from engaging Pilates to rhythmic dance, catering to all fitness levels and tastes. This premier facility goes beyond traditional workouts; it takes a holistic view of wellness, offering services like nutritional guidance and therapeutic massages. The defining feature of FitnGlam is its supportive and encouraging environment that inspires women to attain their health goals while embracing their unique selves.

2. F45 Training Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills Estate's F45 Training is a distinct gym facility, offering dynamic, high-intensity interval training routines for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Staffed by certified fitness experts, F45 devises individualized training plans, ensuring effective, results-driven workouts. Their signature HIIT classes, with their intense exercise intervals followed by short rest periods, prove to be effective for shedding pounds and building muscles. Adding another feather to its cap, F45 offers thorough nutrition coaching, allowing members to approach their health and fitness goals from all angles.

3. Level Up Pilates

Level Up Pilates in Dubai Hills Estate offers an extensive range of fitness classes, including mat and reformer Pilates, Pilates for athletes, yoga, barre, and functional training. The center's primary aim is to improve flexibility, enhance strength, and boost overall fitness. Besides fitness instruction, Level Up also provides wellness services such as massage therapy, nutrition coaching, and meditation classes. Irrespective of your fitness level or unique goals, the seasoned trainers at Level Up Pilates are dedicated to guiding you towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Restaurants in Dubai Hills Estate
Dubai Hills Estate offers a veritable feast for food enthusiasts, with a rich tapestry of eateries serving a global culinary spread. This is shown by the traditional flavors of Italy at Eataly, the exotic taste of Vietnam at Bahn Mi & More, or a casual coffee stopover at Dash Café. With the variety of restaurants in Dubai Hills Estate, there's something to satiate every palate.

1. Eataly

Taking up residence in Dubai Hills Mall, Eataly transports diners to the heart of Italy with its genuine, time-tested recipes. Eataly provides an array of culinary experiences, inviting guests to delve into Italy's rich gastronomic culture, no matter how limited their time. But the journey with Eataly doesn't end at the dining table. Visitors can also carry a slice of Eataly home from their generous retail section, offering everything from freshly baked bread, an assortment of cured meats, a medley of cheeses, and freshly crafted pasta. Open from 9 am to 12 am every day, Eataly stands as a must-visit spot for anyone yearning for a true Italian culinary adventure.

2. Bahn Mi & More

Bahn Mi & More brings the lively essence of Vietnamese cuisine to Dubai Hills Estate. Their menu showcases the classic Bahn Mi – a crunchy baguette loaded with a variety of meat, fish, or plant-based fillings, combined with pickled carrots, fresh herbs, and cucumber. However, Bahn Mi & More doesn't restrict their vibrant Vietnamese creations to the confines of their restaurant, offering a handy delivery service that allows residents to indulge in their offerings without stepping out of their homes.

3. Dash Café

Sitting comfortably in Dubai Hills Mall, Dash Café, the latest offshoot of Coffee Planet, is a haven for those who cherish their coffee. Brewing responsibly sourced Arabica beans and offering dairy-free milk alternatives, Dash Café is a perfect stop for coffee lovers of all kinds. Here, one can enjoy a selection of pastries, fresh salads, and substantial sandwiches, making Dash Café an ideal place for a laid-back gathering or a quick bite before catching a movie at the nearby Roxy Cinemas. Open daily from 8 am to 11 pm, Dash Café beckons all those seeking a cozy ambiance and an excellent cup of coffee.

Things to Do in Dubai Hills Estate
In the expansive community of Dubai Hills Estate, the possibilities for fun and excitement are limitless. The diverse range of things to do in Dubai Hills Estate promises something for everyone, from tranquil park walks and invigorating shopping sprees to heart-pounding roller coaster rides.

1. Dubai Hills Park

Dubai Hills Park, celebrated as the lengthiest park embedded in a residential area, offers a serene escape amidst Dubai Hills Estate's urban setting. This leafy sanctuary, home to over 1,800 trees and palms, is conveniently placed near Dubai Hills Mall and a mere 15-minute drive from Downtown Dubai's core. The park's sprawling landscape invites families to relax and engage with nature. It boasts a variety of recreational facilities including an ice rink, a splash park, and a skate park. Fitness aficionados can make use of the jogging trails, skateboard ramps, and basketball courts, while pet lovers will find the dog-friendly amenities particularly appealing. The park serves as the perfect backdrop for family excursions and peaceful strolls.

2. Dubai Hills Mall

Dubai Hills Mall is a shopping haven where retail enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a world of leading brands spanning clothing, fashion accessories, beauty, and home décor. The shopping experience is further enhanced with periodic pop-up shops, injecting a touch of novelty to your shopping spree. With over 650 retail and dining establishments, the mall delivers a lively, all-encompassing shopping and culinary journey. It also doubles as a family-friendly entertainment hub, featuring thrilling attractions such as The Storm Coaster, Adventure Park by Emaar, and the largest Roxy Cinemas multiplex in the Middle East.

3. The Storm Coaster

For adrenaline junkies, a visit to The Storm Coaster is essential. Housed in Dubai Hills Mall, The Storm Coaster claims the honor of being the fastest indoor rollercoaster worldwide. This groundbreaking ride is a multi-vehicle inversion coaster, twisting and turning its way throughout the mall. Driven by magnetic LSM motors, the ride kicks off with a sheer vertical launch, shooting riders over 50 meters high into the building. The Storm Coaster guarantees an electrifying ride that adventure-seekers will remember for a long time.

Amenities Dubai Hills Estate Offers
Dubai Hills Estate is a well-designed residential community that provides a wealth of amenities to Dubai Hills Estate, a meticulously planned residential community, lavishes its inhabitants with an assortment of amenities that elevate lifestyle quality. Catering to an eclectic mix of tastes and needs, the Estate weaves together a tapestry of comfort, convenience, and luxury.

Anchoring this metropolis within a metropolis is the extraordinary Dubai Hills Park, a green sanctuary for lovers of the outdoors, families, and fitness enthusiasts. Stretching to be the longest park in any residential district, it houses an assortment of recreational facilities. From playgrounds and an ice rink to a splash park and a skate park, it's a paradise for activity seekers. Adding to the charm are the jogging and cycling paths meandering through the green expanses, creating a tranquil setting for health-conscious residents.

Golf enthusiasts find their haven in the meticulously designed 18-hole championship golf course, where premium golfing experience converges with breathtaking views. The Estate also ensures that shopping and dining needs are never far away with the impressive Dubai Hills Mall. This shopping marvel is home to a gamut of retail stores, food havens, and recreational spots, fulfilling the wishes of shoppers and gastronomes of all age groups.

Medical needs, too, receive paramount importance in the community. Advanced healthcare centers like King’s College Hospital, International Medical Center, and Apex Medical Clinic reside within the community, providing an extensive array of medical services. Living in Dubai Hills Estate is not just about enjoying plush residences, but also about accessing an enriched lifestyle experience.

Properties For Sale in Dubai Hills Estate

For those seeking a long-term investment or permanent residence in Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate presents a diverse collection of properties for sale. Known for its sleek, modern apartments complete with top-tier amenities and stunning vistas, the Estate also hosts grand villas for those desiring additional space and seclusion. 

These villas often feature private pools, gardens, and expansive living spaces, making them ideal for family living. Spectacular penthouses with unrivaled views of the city and the Estate's green spaces are also available. Purchasing a property in Dubai Hills Estate offers a harmonious lifestyle, marrying urban convenience with serene, verdant surroundings.
Properties For Sale in Dubai Hills Estate
Properties For Rent in Dubai Hills Estate

Properties For Rent in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate showcases an extensive portfolio of rental properties, aimed at accommodating varied lifestyles and tastes. The range includes sophisticated apartments fitted with cutting-edge amenities as well as spacious villas that guarantee privacy and comfort. Certain properties provide breathtaking vistas of Dubai's skyline, while others offer tranquil views of the lush golf course landscapes. Luxurious penthouses with generous floor plans and premium finishes are also part of the Estate's offerings, ideal for those seeking an opulent way of life. Every Rental property in Dubai Hills Estate fuses comfort, style, and convenience, crafting a true haven for its inhabitants.

Investment Opportunities in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is an appealing destination for potential investors seeking to venture into Dubai's real estate market. As one of Dubai's flourishing communities, the continual development and growth in the area signify a strong prospect for a substantial return on investment. The Estate's broad spectrum of properties, from modern apartments to lavish villas and penthouses, appeals to a wide array of investors.

The Estate's geographical advantages, range of amenities, and excellent connectivity further enhance its investment allure. Its close proximity to Downtown Dubai and other key commercial centers, along with a varied mix of retail, leisure, and recreational facilities, render properties here attractive for both rental and purchase purposes. Additionally, the ongoing enhancement of infrastructure and amenities within the Estate is likely to augment the properties' value over time.

Investing in Dubai Hills Estate offers not only an encouraging return on investment but also the opportunity to be a part of an evolving, vibrant community in one of Dubai's most coveted locations. For seasoned investors and first-time buyers alike, the investment prospects in Dubai Hills Estate merit serious consideration.
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