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Gyms In MBR City Dubai

Gyms In MBR City Dubai

The Best Gyms in MBR City You Should Know

The Muhammad bin Rashid City, also known as the MBR city, is one of the most developed communities in Dubai, which cost approximately 30 billion AED to build. It's one of the best tourist attractions places that has some luxurious hotels, comfortable and stylish apartments, and houses for sale. You can find parks, playgrounds and the biggest shopping center in the world. Hence, MBR City is one of the most preferred places to live in Dubai.

When discussing the lifestyle of MBR City, apart from the top shopping, dining, and restaurants that can be found in the city, there is also a nearby beach with huts that makes it a highly visited tourist attraction. Furthermore, there are many outdoor activities as well, including Parks, cycling tracks, and running tracks, which are only a few minutes away from the MBR City. 

The residents over there are highly keen on having a high standard of living. Hence, many individuals prefer going to the gym. You can find some of the best gyms in MBR City. In this article, we will highlight the top gyms in MBR City that provide the best facilities and trainers for fitness.

Find The Top 10 Gyms In MBR City

For fitness and outdoor activities, the residents of MBR City are highly conscious of their fitness and maintain a very healthy lifestyle. That's why many individuals prefer going to the gym in the morning or evening before or after going to work. 

Even though MBR City is a highly developed community, there are still no options for a gym within the community; however, you can find some of the best gyms and fitness centers located in the Al Qouz and Business Bay area, which are only a few minutes away from the MBR City. 

We will list down the ten best gyms in MBR City that have the best equipment, trainers, fitness facilities, and environment for the fitness-conscious individuals of MBR City.

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1. The Kitchn Fitness Dubai - Premium Gym In MBR City

This facility is one of the most premium gyms in MBR City that has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. This gym holds a number of signature classes, which include BodyBuilding, Boxing, Fit Camp, Strength and Conditioning, and Circuit Training. The gym also offers a facility for youth fitness in which children who are enthusiastic about their fitness are encouraged to work out. 

The Ktchn fitness gym facility also has a variety of classes taking place every week. The classes are divided into beginner, medium, and advanced levels so that clients do not face any difficulty. They are also given an option for open gym group classes or private training. 

In the open gym option, clients can use the gym facility at any time when classes are not taking place. In the group classes, the classes are customized according to the fitness level of the client, and there are specific times for the group classes. Lastly, in the private training, the gym has the best gym trainers in MBR City, so clients can choose the specific private training packages offered by the gym facility that is led by expert coaches with one-on-one training. 

For the subscription fees that the clients have to pay, many individuals opt for monthly packages; hence, this best Fitness club in MBR City offers a variety of gym packages, and clients can choose the package that suits their requirements.

Another great thing about this Fitness club is that there is an option for valet parking, and when clients come after 6:00 p.m., the parking is totally free. 

Distance: 3.5km
Drive: 6 minutes by car
Address:  Capital Bay by DAMAC - shop Ra6 - backside area - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 55 841 5988

2. Kick It Body Fitness Ems - Outdoor Gym in MBR City

It is the best outdoor gym in MBR City. Although an indoor facility is provided, many clients prefer this gym because it has an outdoor setup, and this gym has the best equipment in MBR City because it has the latest EMS technology that can help individuals achieve their targeted fitness goals. 

This facility is also known as the best CrossFit gym in MBR City because it has highly knowledgeable and experienced CrossFit trainers who, along with helping individuals achieve their weight loss and fitness course, help improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by making personalized plans.

Distance: 4.3km
Drive: 7 minutes by car
Address: DAMAC Business Tower - 1902 - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 58 955 1224

3. Wellfit Meydan - City Best Fitness Facilities In MBR City

This is the best gym in MBR city, and it is highly popular because it allows and gives clients a free three-day pass to use the facilities at the gym. You can find the best gym equipment in MBR City because this facility has the latest gym equipment. 

They also have various signature classes to offer to their clients, known as Pulse 45, Perform, Ignite, Blackout, and Podwars. They have weekly classes that focus on cardio, lifting classes as well as martial arts. They also offer family classes. This gym is the largest indoor and health fitness gym with a purpose-built facility that can be found in MBR City. 

Distance: 5.5km
Drive: 10 minutes by car
Address: Muscat St - Nad Al Sheba 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 321 3835

4. Full Circle EMS - Best Yoga Center Near MBR City

Full Circle EMS Fitness Centre is one of the best gyms in MBR City that provides an opportunity for individuals to get the most efficient workout routine for their body. This gym has the best gym trainers in MBR City. The facility also allows personal training to take place. The trainers are certified and have years of experience, and the whole environment is highly comfortable yet fun, making the journey of fitness ever more convenient. 

This is the best equipment gym in MBR City that allows muscle growth and weight loss to take place. The highly qualified personal trainers provide individuals with a personalized diet plan to follow over their fitness course and keep following up with the individuals on a weekly basis so that they can meet their goals faster. 

This is one of the best gym facilities in MBR cities that utilizes modern tools for improving health and achieving fitness courses in a short period. In part of this facility, individuals are provided with nutrition advice, and there are various programs involved, such as HIT, yoga, and intense workouts. 

Distance: 6.1km
Drive: 11 minutes by car
Address: P1-02, The Binary Tower - Marasi Dr - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 54 320 2031

5. Warehouse Gym - Premium Gym Near MBR City

Warehouse Gym is one of the best gyms in MVR City. They have branches all over Dubai, including the Ibn Battuta area, Business Bay Area and Jumeirah. That's why it's highly popular; it's one of the best fitness clubs in MBR City. The classes mainly follow and provide strength and cardio training. 

You can also find some of the best gym trainers in MBR city at the warehouse gym. The personal trainers provide training and coaching for the clients to achieve their fitness goals. The gym offers fitness classes at different times of the week. 

Distance: 8.3km
Drive: 14 minutes by car
Address: The Warehouse Gym - D3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 209 5336

6. Ufc Gym Business Bay - Best MMA Gym in MBR City

The trainers which this gym has are the best gym trainers in MBR City. They specifically choose trainers who have a high level of experience and are certified in the fitness industry. In order to help individuals achieve their fitness goals, this gym holds various classes, including yoga, pilates, Zumba, cycling, and boot camps.

As for the customer reviews, the gym has received a five-star rating mostly because it has the best gym trainers in MBR City. Client names that with the top facility that is clean and maintained, the trainers are quite knowledgeable and create a fitness routine that best suits the client's fitness course. Lastly, the environment is described to be professional yet fun. 
Distance: 9.6km
Drive: 12 minutes
Address: P Floor - Building 1 Al Asayel St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 567 1554

7. Snap Fitness - Exclusive Gym Near MBR City

It is one of the best gyms in MBR City specifically because, besides the greatest equipment and trainers, it offers free on-site parking, private showers, HDTV, and many more facilities. This gym has opened branches in various locations.
The gym also offers various packages for its customers. For example, one-month subscription packages vary from 4 sessions to 12 sessions per month. Some subscriptions are 3 months long and have 24 sessions, while the longest package is that of 6 months and 12 months subscriptions. Clients can choose the subscription that best suits their needs.
Customers who prefer this facility highly recommend it specifically because it's the best gym near MBR city, and clients love the vibe with professional trainers that make individuals feel comfortable and help them achieve their targeted witness course.
Distance: 8.3km
Drive: 9 minutes
Address: HSBC Tower, Downtown, Plot 430 Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 54 704 8619

8. Generation Iron - Top Gym In MBR City

It is a very popular gym in the MBR City area that has various classes for beginners and experienced levels. The programs for weight loss include BodyBuilding, strength training, Functional Training, and Flexibility and Mobility. This gym is a proper training facility that has a mission of transforming the body and mind.
Looking at the customer reviews of the Generation Iron Gym, clients have positive things to say about the fitness facility; with the state-of-the-art facility with the best equipment gym in MBA City, the individuals are engaged and motivated by the trainers. Furthermore, when talking about the other facilities, the gym has a cafeteria that has healthy and organic food and juices. It also has extraordinary changing facilities and showers, further making this gym the best Fitness club in MBR City.
Distance: 5.7km
Drive: 8 minutes by car
Address: AG Tower, Ground Floor - Marasi Dr - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 56 520 7210


It is a small yet best gym with amazing facilities and equipment. Even though it's not a very large area, it's still quite common, mainly because of the highly experienced trainers who provide personalized training and individual workout sessions with diet plans so clients can get effective results.

The previous clients of this fitness facility have given a 5-star rating to this fitness center as they claim that the trainers are highly cooperative and all workouts are customized according to the client's needs. In a short period, the clients were able to see an increase in their stamina and reduced body weight hands, as you can find some of the best gym trainers in MBR city in this specific facility. This fitness center is one of the best gyms you can find in MBR City.
Distance: 7.5km
Drive: 9 minutes by car
Address: Toyota Building - Al Safa St - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 216 9606

10. My30minutes Boxpark - Best Boxing Gym Near MBR City

The My30minutes Boxpark is also the best EMS gym in MBR City that focuses on boxing general fitness, and it's all about taking a holistic approach. Professional athletes come to this gym for strength training. Apart from this, different locations, including the one near MBR City, also provide clients with yoga and meditation 1 to focus on their minds and soul.
The greatest thing that makes this gym stand out is that it provides home services through which clients can get personalized attention without leaving their houses. Hence, due to these facilities, the gym is one of the best fitness clubs in MBR City.
Distance: 9.3km
Drive: 13 minutes
Address: Boxpark, Al Wasl Rd, Unit M10 01 & 03 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 176 8589

Real Estate And Investment Opportunities In MBR City

Muhammad bin Rashid City is an exclusive community that is built within Dubai. As the area is well developed and holds one of the largest malls in the world, it's the perfect place for tourism with parks, hotel facilities, and some of the best schools in Dubai. Hence, you can find many properties for rent in MBR City andproperties for sale in MBR City.

When talking about the apartments for sale in MBR City, the average studio apartment costs somewhere between 600,000 AED; however, for a simple one-bed apartment, when one can compromise on the location and facilities, a one-bed apartment can be found at 1.6 million. At the same time, a 2-bed apartment can reach somewhere between 3 to 4 million on average. 

The properties of the sale in MBR City fluctuate and vary according to the market position and facilities of the rental building, which include Ocean view, balconies, a swimming pool, and parking space. 

On the other hand, when highlighting the properties for rent in MBR City, you can find one-bed studio apartments somewhere between 110,000 AED yearly. In contrast, in some areas, rental apartments in MBR City can be found at 315000 AED yearly, which is the rent cost of a three-bed apartment in MBR City.

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