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Casa By Damac

Casa Tower by DAMAC: A Sophisticated Prestige and Comfortable Paradise

Introducing Casa by DAMAC, a luxury residential complex designed to offer residents a place to live and adore the blend of nature and urban life. The builders have combined the beauty of Mediterranean architecture with the modern comforts and amenities that are an icon of DAMAC buildings.

Explore a range of residential properties, from modern to ultra luxury and extra spacious, such as villas for sale, apartments, penthouses, and terrace houses. These apartments in the center of the city are designed to provide residency to those who want to live in the urban bustle and still want to enjoy the serene views.

Here you will find numbers of bedrooms suitable for families of different sizes and to soothe every taste. Casa's Mediterranean architecture is known for its emphasis on luxurious living. The interiors of these apartments will be designed using premium products and materials to offer a luxurious living experience
Casa By Damac
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Casa by DAMAC, located in Dubai Media City, provides an excellent option for professionally built residential buildings, including magnificent apartments and lovely townhouses for sale.

At the core of this lively city, Dubai Media City is known for its thriving media and creative sectors.

It provides a beautiful blend of residential, business, and leisure opportunities. Residents at Casa by DAMAC have easy access to the hectic metropolitan life while cocooning in a calm sanctuary.

Dubai Media City's strategic position enables easy access to important monuments, business districts, and enjoyable attractions.
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DAMAC Casa : A Mediterranean Beauty in Dubai Media City
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This neighborhood caters to every wish, whether relishing world-class food, indulging in top-tier entertainment, or shopping.

Furthermore, the tranquil waterfront sights and well-kept green areas add to the attractiveness of living in this premium neighborhood.

DAMAC Casa in Dubai Media City is more than simply a place to live; it's a way of life that blends the pinnacle of luxury living with the excitement of a dynamic metropolitan community, producing an exquisite retreat for individuals looking for the best of both worlds.

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Casa By Damac Floor Plan

1 Bedroom Apartment : Where Luxury Begins

  • 947 Sq ft
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2 Bedroom Apartment : Comfort with Breathtaking View

  • 1506 Sq ft
  • 2
  • 2
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3 Bedroom Apartment : Family Heaven

  • 2023 Sq ft
  • 3
  • 3
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CASA by DAMAC is in a fantastic location, with many attractions just a short drive away. Only 20 minutes from the famous Burj Khalifa, 10 minutes from the busy Dubai Marina, and 20 minutes from the enticing beaches.
DAMAC's payment plan for CASA is designed to give buyers flexibility and convenience. A 60% deposit is required during the construction period, followed by a 20% payment upon booking and another 20% at Handover.
Residents at CASA by DAMAC can access many amenities, including enticing swimming pools, finely designed gardens, dedicated children's play spaces, and extensive sports facilities. These services have been methodically crafted to provide a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.
Casa's houses are meticulously designed to accommodate singles, couples, and families of different sizes, guaranteeing a tailored living experience.
It is located in Dubai Media City and is important for its strategic position, enabling easy access to essential monuments, business districts, and enjoyable attractions.

Casa By Damac Location

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