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10 Best Places to Live In Dubai for Expats Families

10 Best Places to Live In Dubai for Expats Families

10 Best Places to Live In Dubai for Expats Families to Ensure Premium Living Experience

Are you planning to move to Dubai with your family, a bit worried about the settlement and fearing being in a new place or taking an all-new start? Stop thinking about  where to live in dubai as an expat, there are many best places to live in dubai for expat families.

Hey, relax; moving to Dubai is like moving to one of the safest cities of the globe. Even for expat families with children, it is the highly recommended and top-rated living dream place to get accommodation in dubai for expats.

Dubai is not an ordinary city; in fact, it is more likely to be a utopia and an amazing place that must be considered for resettlement. 

Well-known for its safer places, luxurious lifestyle, high-end facilities, plenty of residential buildings, outstanding picnic points, and fine dining options, this shopping district is so welcoming and seems wonderful.

From Dubai Marina to Emaar Beachfront and Business Bay, Dubai has many family-friendly places and nice residential areas. 

There is no need to be worried about safety and security. Just take a relaxed breath on knowing in the Numbeo Safety Index 2024, Dubai is occupying 7th place in this regard.

As far as Educational facilities are concerned, Schools in Dubai meet and maintain the highest standard of education, with first-class national and international schools. 

Dubai also has many hospitals providing quality treatment and world-class healthcare services.

So, while considering Dubai to make your next home, you are taking a good step by settling into one of the best cities in the world

Where Do Expats Live In Dubai?

Dubai is a hub of educational and healthcare facilities and is successfully keeping up the set higher standards of living and luxurious lifestyle there.

The following places are ranked as the best to live in Dubai for expat families; here is a view of them:

Table Of Content

1. Palm Jumeirah - Luxury Accommodation In Dubai For Expats

This place is an authentic amalgamation of beauty, elegance, luxuries, and entertainment. It makes it the best place to live in Dubai with family. Featuring a plethora of villas, apartments, and townhouses, Palm Jumeirah is the best place to live.

While living in most of the villas, you can also witness breathtaking views and sights of sea and the Dubai Skyline also. It too hosts the world’s best hospitals, healthcare services, schoolsrestaurants, dining options, colleges, marts, and shopping centers.

It all makes Palm Jumeirah Community a home of the best community loaded with facilities and a high-end lifestyle and considered one of the best places to invest in Dubai.

The residential options available here are divided as follows:

Villas: There are many luxury property for sale in Palm Jumeirah, with private pools and lush gardens. The minimum price for a 3-bedroom villa for sale is AED 10.5M, and for a 5-bed villa, it's around AED 25M.

Townhouses: offer a more brief and up-to-date living option with more connections and living in close communities. Those who like to live in a closely tied community must love it.

Seaside apartments: if you are a seaview lover or like to wake up to amazing views of water, these apartments for sale are going to be your favorite places to live. These modern apartments are preferred to get amazing views of the Arabian Gulf and the beaches

2. Dubai Marina - Best Area To Live For Expats In Dubai

Have you ever heard of a City in a City? Yes, you are right; Dubai Marina is referred to as being the junction of classical, contemporary, luxurious, lively vibes and best place to stay in Dubai for tourists.

It is highly prioritized to live with family, promising a high-end lifestyle, with the easiest access to all the facilities and high-quality education for your children.

Best international and national schools, including Dubai British School, The American School of Dubai, and Emirates International Schools, are all ready to welcome your kids, guaranteeing top-notch education.

You can also get to enjoy many fun-filled activities on weekends and at special events while residing in Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina Yacht Club and Mall are all going to be our first choices to spend good free time while having fun.

Dubai Marina also has many entertainment options and fun-filled places to spend quality time with family. Parks, pools, gardens, restaurants, gyms and indoor and outdoor play areas have good entertainment.

As far as living options are concerned, there are many options you can choose and select from as per your budget, number of family members, and personal preferences.

Villas: if you are looking for good accommodation, these exclusive villas are for you. There are mostly lush gardens, private pools, and high-end lifestyles.

High-rise apartments: varying in size, number of rooms, and view they give, high-rise apartments are also good for living. You can get one of the many rise towers home while residing in Dubai Marina.

Townhouses: much more affordable than villas, having enough space and good locations, These townhouses for sale offer many other facilities at walking distance. Many expat families live in these townhouses.

So what are you waiting for? Just move to one of the best areas to live in dubai for expats to enjoy the best facilities and high-end living.

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3. Jumeirah Golf Estate - Where Expats Live In Dubai

We are talking about one of the high-end and prestigious residential communities Dubai has. This is well-known for its top-notch facilities, fascinating views of Dubai Skyline, and the World’s best golf courses.

This residential Community is a beautiful blend of deluxe residential buildings and a golf course. This place is the favorite residence for golf lovers coming from around the World and fascinates the athletes also.

It has low-rise, beautifully designed, and luxurious villas and houses for the golf community and others to reside and settle there.

Jumeirah Golf Estate is also home to beautiful landscapes, lush green gardens, and stunning lakes. The most significant feature is the unique architecture of the residential buildings and houses, and within the Community, you get to enjoy delicious food in many restaurants and cafes.

So, if you are planning to live in Jumeirah Golf Estate with your family, you can live in villas, and the cost will vary depending on the number of bedrooms and setting. For a 3-room villa, an average rental property price falls anywhere between AED 230,000 and varies accordingly.

4. Arabian Ranches - Ideal Place For Expat Families

It is one of the top and best places to live in Dubai for families. If you want peace and a break from busy lives, this place is going to be your top choice to settle.

This high-end community is crafted in a way that brings serene and appealing vibes and offers a relaxing and playful place to live and considered one of the best place to stay in Dubai for couples.

Arabian Ranches is also famous for its luxurious villas, outclass housing options, and fascinating architectural marvels to ensure comfort and maintain the legacy.

The families residing in Arabian ranches are so friendly and make a sound community. They also get to enjoy themselves at their best in sports courts, parks, swimming pools, and on the golf course. 

There is a plethora of cafes, dining areas, shopping sites, play areas, entertainment spots, and fun places, making it an outstanding community center.

Don't worry about the schools, as you are going to access many of the best schools there that are popular for the exceptional results and learning exposure they provide. Parents highly prefer Ranches Primary School and Gem’s World Academy.

Expat families can also consider many fun-filled activities while residing at Arabian Ranches. These include having fun, attending events at Arabian Ranches Golf Club, and spending the best family moments at Arabian Ranches Park.

They can also go to The Leisure Center to enjoy the swimming pool, tennis courts, and spacious playground.

So, If you are confuse about where to live in Dubai as expat, made up your mind to live in this place, you are going to have ultimate fun, peace, entertainment, the best facilities, high-quality education, and whatnot.

5. Emaar Beachfront - Family Place To Live In Dubai For Waterfront Lovers

It is a splendid island Community, well known for the high-end lifestyle it offers and its dedication to bringing luxuries to the residents. The Community is located so close to Dubai Harbor, so you can also watch the breathtaking and serene soothing views of the beachfront and capture the moments for memories.

The calmness of the beach and the stunning views are far more precious than the prices you pay for the residency in Emaar Beachfront. Evenings are also relaxing and worth enjoying with a cool breeze and a coffee cup in your hand to end the day.

This place is also an amazing site to explore and go for a picnic and family day out at the beachfront. It hides much beauty and eye-captivating views that are a treat to see.

It's A lush community loaded withproperty for sale like penthouses, deluxe villas, premium townhouses, and beautiful apartments. Locals and expats can get property for rent in Emaar Beachfront  up to 1 to 4-bedroom townhouses and apartments or even go for 3-4-bedroom villas. 

So, if you want a one-bedroom apartment in this locality with private beach access, you need to pay approximately AED 18900 per month.

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6. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) - Busy Living Style

A hub of best rental apartments popular in both locals and expat families. If you are planning to move to Dubai with your family and are worried about the facilities, opportunities, safety measures, healthcare, and schooling of your kids, then please relax. JLT is all set to welcome you and ease all your difficulties as its one of most affordable places to live in Dubai.

You are not going to face any shortage of living space, luxuries, and world-class facilities there. Having a lot of dining areas, picnic spots, family-friendly spaces, restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment options, JLT is loaded with all you need.

To offer University students an easy commute, it has a knowledge park that is so close to the place. There are good schooling institutes, health care facilities, and malls as well.

The starting rent for a 1BHK flat here is AED 55k annually; to get a family-friendly 2-bedroom apartment, you need to pay around AED 70k. It makes JLTas one of the best and family-friendly places to live with families

You can also invest in the apartment, and it's a good idea as the starting price falls around AED 1.49M for a 1-bedroom flat.

Thus, you can choose an optimum living space just as per your choices and preferences, but the government has provided the best options for accommodation in Dubai for expats.

7. Business Bay - Best Places For Expats To Live For Business Venture

Business Bay is an elite place to live in Dubai for expat families, especially those belonging to the business class community and settling in Dubai for work and business. This is rightly said as the hub of business tycoons, as they reside there for business settlements belonging to different areas of the globe. 
Although the cost of living in Business Bay is higher than in other residential areas, it is all worth it when it comes to captivating views, an elite lifestyle, luxurious living standards, and many opportunities.

Being located at the center of Dubai, people living there get to witness the stunning sights of the World’s tallest building. 

Business Bay is definitely a good place for expats to come and explore the opportunities it holds. Coming to the facilities, this business marvel has a well-established metro station, home to the finest and high-end restaurants, world-class brands, premium gymshealth care centersincredible hotels and top rated schools in business bay.

So expat families here get to experience an executive lifestyle, where all the facilities are accessible and also get many new opportunities, so don't mind the place being expensive

8. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) - Beachfront Living For Expats

Are you a beach lover and love to say good morning with a beachside view? Dubai has many residential areas to mark such a splendid view and promises the breezy vibes of the beach.

Dubai is well-known for its skyscrapers and high-rise apartments. JBR is also such a place that guarantees a peaceful, natural, and family-friendly environment for its residents and tourists.

Don't panic while moving and resettling to Dubai; it is home to many world-class residences and elite facilities. You can enjoy food at the top restaurants, have fun at beaches with family and spend memorable time while enjoying at the cinema with family there.

You can rent an apartment or flat at JBR by paying almost AED 88k annually for a 1BHK flat. You can also rent a 2-bedroom apartment for AED 140K in JBR. It all depends upon your family members, your personal needs, and your preferences. But you are going to have a relaxed, soothing, and peaceful time.

9. Dubai Hills Estate - Eco Friendly Living

It is an outstanding development in the city, loaded with modern facilities and a fine blend of elegance and amenities. 

There are outclass villas to get residency, and many playgrounds and basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. There are good pathways for walking, jogging, and wandering.

This living place promises a best villa community in Dubai where you get to build good connections with the neighbors and other members.

While being there, you get the best healthcare facilities, treatments, schools, educational institutes, dining options, and fun areas, all in the closest radius. 

You will be shocked to know that Dubai Hills Estate is a hub of around 650 shops and many restaurants, an 18-screen cinema, and a hypermarket so that people can get everything while living in their comfort zones.

So, if you are a local or expat, you can have a residency there and enjoy the best time of life with your family while living in the most amazing neighborhood to live in Dubai.

10. Downtown Dubai - Best Place To Live For Expat Families In Dubai

There are many living with the dream of moving into a place that could offer a cosmopolitan lifestyle and high-end living. 

Yes, you guessed it right. Downtown Dubai is such a place capable enough of building your dream of living and getting into a multicultural neighborhood.

The high living standards there are justified by the fact that Downtown Dubai has become the center of attraction for the most iconic and masterpiece architectural marvels of the world, Burj Khalifa, and other skyscrapers.

You get to enjoy a luxurious, high-end, and elite lifestyle while residing there. This living place is surrounded by and loaded with world-class healthcare facilitiestop-rated restaurantsoutclass international schools, high-end shopping malls, and most luxurious hotels.

You can also spend quality time with your loved ones at different entertainment sites and fun areas to make remarkable memories.

You are going to have a quality city life while living there, especially in the evening; the hustle and bustle of city life seems so real.

So Dubai is well known for its elite places, luxurious lifestyle, skyscrapers, top returns, and much more. While moving to Dubai, you can consider these best place to live in dubai for expat families.

For Investors and People Interested in Real estate

Dubai is rightly regarded as one of the top places for investments and is prioritized by many investors and real estate. This point is supported by the sound and safe economy of Dubai, the tax-free environment, and the place of Dubai in the eyes of the world.

Dubai is not only famous for its high-end lifestyle and luxuries but its high building and architectural excellence also add much to its worth. Being a hub of all the iconic brands, top-class institutes, and modern facilities, it seems like a dream place.

Many people are moving to Dubai to settle there, and a lot are looking forward to it. They need apartments and residences there. 

People can consider properties for rent in Dubai, all varying in prices, facilities, and locations. Moreover, many people try to get properties for sale in Dubai to settle permanently. 

Thus, the increasing popularity of Dubai is making it an appealing site for investors and real estate as well.

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