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Discover Best Hospitals In Dubai Marina

Discover Best Hospitals In Dubai Marina

Best Hospitals in Dubai Marina for Excellent Health Care from Diagnosis to Treatment

The heart of Dubai is embellished with Dubai Marina, rightly located at its core in UAE. Dubai Marina is popular for its buildings, exceptional restaurants, world-class tourist spots, skyscrapers, and luxurious shopping options.

The premium tourist destination also hosts some of the well-known world’s tallest buildings. These pieces of architecture are also famous for their exceptional designs and fascinating landmarks. A standing building called the Princess Tower is the tallest residential building ever, with a height of 1356 feet.

This is one side of the picture. Dubai Marina is not only the presenter of world-class buildings and art but is also a hub of top hospitals and medical centers. 

These hospitals in Dubai Marina Community are equipped with top-class medical facilities, advanced machinery, and the best doctors. Hospitals and clinics are all set to meet the expectations of the patients by treating them so well. 

Top 5 Hospitals in Dubai Marina

So here we are going to get details of the top 5 hospitals in Dubai Marina. These leading hospitals in Dubai are becoming the hub of medical facilities, having pronounced potential to perform well under all circumstances. So, let's have an in-depth look.

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1. Kings College Hospital London

King’s College hospital Marina is a significant name in the plethora of world-class hospitals, securing fame in the world. The hospital is now located in a primary location in Dubai, Marina. 

This hospital has a prestigious reputation as a premium British Care Hospital. It aims to provide patients with elite services by treating them with respect and esteeming their dignity.

The institution is focused on enhancing capabilities to support all the patients with the best medical care and services.

Besides all, here, quality is always kept superior to quantity. Doctors are focused on to-the-point prescriptions, necessary tests, and having good communication with the patients.

Here, patients get to avail outstanding facilities, including consultations, tests for diagnosis, appropriate treatments, and support in recovery. They can be referred to the King's College Hospital, UK center for specialized treatment, in case if needed.

King’s Hospitals also straightens the path to access the top doctors and clinicians of the UK, as it is committed to providing you with the finest services and treatments. With the help of these leading experts, the hospital offers high-end medical procedures and therapies.

So, if you are looking for a hospital with such fine facilities and with sound care, you need to visit the hospital or book an appointment.


Dubai Marina Clinic, The Residences At Marina Gate 1 Floor 1

Contact Number:


Clinic Timings :

Saturday- Friday
8 AM-8 PM

2. Marina Medicare Center

The medical centre Dubai marina is well-known for its first-class multi-specialty healthcare services. This center is heading with the aim of bringing prime medical facilities to each member of the community at highly modest prices without any concession in safety, quality, and the set standards.

MMC is gaining ground under the expert supervision of professionals. Managed by a fine team of supporting staff, it makes sure to treat the patients in the best way, keeping them aware and up-to-date during the entire treatment process.

The trust of the patients is kept at the topmost priority. The whole team of MMC is entirely keen on playing a key role in supporting the patients and treating them so well, all with care.

To guarantee an exceptional level of treatments and services, everything is monitored closely. The moment as a patient you get into the center for any treatment, you are all set to be treated so well with optimum services, the best procedures, and world-class facilities.

Besides all, the environment and the atmosphere there are kept comfortable and warm to secure the mental peace of the patients.

A team of specialists and experts, including a pediatrician, urologist, general practitioner, radiologist, gynecologist-obstetrician, dentist, and dermatologist. All are there to provide the patients with the best possible medical services after examining and diagnosing them carefully.

So you can visit this, one of the best medical centers in Dubai Marina in the allocated time to get the finest healthcare medical services and to have treatment in an exceptionally good environment under the expert supervision of top-class professionals and doctors.

DXB Branch:

King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Botanica Tower - Dubai Marina - Dubai


Sat – Thu: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM | Closed on Friday

Contact number:

+971 4 399 9939

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3. Novomed Specialized Clinics in Dubai Marina

Another familiar and popular name for its outclass and multi-field medical services is Dubai Marina. This hospital in Dubai Marina is better to be regarded as Novomed, the center of excellence. Expats know it as a place where they have found the best medical services and relevant treatments at good prices and enjoyed top-class facilities.

The clinic is specialized for its exceptional services in urology, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, weight loss, gastroenterology, and orthopedic conditions. Other medical departments, doctors, and experts are also there to take care of you. Along with these specialties, Novomed Specialized clinics in Dubai Marina is also adorned with the latest radiology facilities, sleep labs, and the finest surgical hospital.

Once you step in, this clinic in Dubai Marina promises to provide you with the best services by treating you so well, as it is the place where you are surely going to have specialized doctors to diagnose and treat your medical condition.

Surgeons and doctors there are highly competent and are prestigious names in their fields. They are experienced, well trained, and have accomplished much; they are also prominent for providing the patients with sincere pieces of advice, the right treatments, and taking fine care of them.

Other distinctive features include:

  • Ultimate care
  • Patient-centric care
  • Best expertise 
  • Covers most of the insurance companies.

So just observe the particular timing and come to one of the top hospitals in Dubai Marina for any of the available treatments and be ready to be treated with care and in the best atmosphere.


Suite 3004, 30th floor, Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina


Thursday: 9:00 AM-9:00 PM 
Saturday-Wednesday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday: Closed 

4. Quality Life Medical Center In Dubai Marina

It is a highly significant name in terms of its services and amazing treatments when it comes to top-class hospitals in Dubai Marina. It claims to be the only clinic of its type that is fully equipped and comprehensive in giving absolute treatments and surgical and medical care for obesity in the United Arab Emirates.

Here, every patient in Dubai Marina Community is promised to be treated individually, based on his/her lifestyle and health conditions, and then provided with the best approach consisting of a nutritional, medical, and psychological evaluation. Then, the treatments and surgeries are provided if required.

Claiming to have an expert team of doctors and experts, this Dubai Marina hospital have a multi-disciplinary approach in major services, including obesity treatments, exercise therapy, bariatric, outpatient, psychological management, and dietary services.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are also at the top of them all. All the procedures, treatments, and services are carried out and managed by a team of experts to ensure the best outcomes.

The significant names in the QLMC’s medical team are the experts as Dr. Wayne Smith, a top name in cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgery, Dr. Fawaz Torab, the finest name in weight and metabolic surgery, and a leading team of dentists, nutritionists, and psychologists.

Hence, if you need any relevant treatment, you need to be there in the allotted time to have a checkup, diagnosis, and treatment.


Located in the Marina Terrace building next to Grosvenor House in Dubai Marina Clinic 


Saturday – Thursday, 9 AM to 8 PM

Contact Number :


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5. Emirates Hospital In Dubai Marina

One of the most trusted medical centers in Dubai Marina and well-known for excellence, Emirates Hospital Group has been in the top positions for its services. With a sound and boundless portfolio, it is popular for its specialties, expertise, and team of experts.

The group provides its patients with top-class services and a broad range of treatments for their health after proper examination.

This hospital in Dubai Marina is fully equipped with a worthy team, highly advanced and innovative medical labs, diagnostic centers,  facilities, and many hospital rooms with all the facilities. Adding value to its worth, the hospital has a leading team of highly reputed and expert doctors who are prestigious names in their fields. 

Patients are kept as a priority and treated in a good atmosphere to keep them at peace and to meet high standards.

Hence, this is a hub of outclass services, leading expert teams, and advanced centers. When you are to visit the hospital, concerning a treatment, this one is to be considered to get treatment under such fine supervision.

Location :

Al Habtoor Business Tower, Dubai Marina

Contact number:

800 444 444

Real Estate and Properties in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, being the host of the finest dining places, one of the best tourist spots, and a prime shopping district, has magnetic powers to appeal to investors and real estate.

The stable economy of the state has been a major contributor to fascinating the investors and the real estate business. Rental Properties in Dubai Marina are available to be rented. After going through the designated protocols. The average rental price for 1 bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina is AED 84,000, depending on the location, amenities and property type.

Once you have a good discussion with related firms and the concerned authorities, you can make a final decision on properties for sale in Dubai Marina. The costs might seem higher, but they can be conveniently justified with high-end lifestyles and the abundance of facilities there.

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