American Schools In Dubai

American Schools in Dubai - A Complete Guide

After feeding and the most basic need of kids, the parent's utmost responsibility is the "quality education." Because education is one of the most important aspects of your child's life and his/her career and future. If you are moving to Dubai or are a resident already and have chosen the US system of education and are worried about how you can find and pick the best school for your child who is offering an American syllabus. We are here to solve this worry for you through this detailed blog post.
The good news is here in Dubai, the vibrant city of UAE you can explore Best American Schools top-notch mentors, an excellent facility for teaching, activities, and an organized education system that will make your child stand out in the crowd and help him achieve his goals in life.
So before we begin going through the list, it's essential to understand how the Top American Schools in Dubai are rated and what makes them stand out. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Ranking the Best American Schools in Dubai

To become a part of the American International School Dubai, each institution needs to be rated, and that can be done through a decent amount of parent surveys. Being a parent of any of the American Schools gives you an advantage to provide the key points to highlight your experience; this way, more kids and parents can take advantage of it or keep away if the school isn't that good.
The is a database with up to 671 schools from all over the world. These include private schools, international schools, and even independent schools. All of these institutions work towards making an environment that is both comfortable and educational for all the students. However, only some places can manage to do that.
To get a place on the list, a school needs to get a 3.0 or higher score on the parental rating. The WSA Parental Rating Score comes from different questions from the survey itself. A score below 3.0 shows that the school is good, but there are a few aspects that need to be added in terms of quality for the students. A higher than three score shows that the parents have rated the school as good across the board. But those schools with a 3.5 score or above denote that it is the place for your child to be.
So, all the schools on this list are some of Dubai's top schools with the best students and a space that motivates your little ones to do better!

Top American School In Dubai

Have you finally decided to choose a school for your kids? If you're new in Dubai and even old, this list will prove to be quite helpful. You'll get an idea of the schooling of different areas, and by looking at their website, you can also get a peek into what they offer to their students to make their time fruitful and their learning better!
Take a look at the list created to make your life easier, and your choice is seamless.

1. Dunecrest American School


Parental Rating: 4.7
Location: Wadi Al Safa 3, Dubai, UAE
Dunecrest American School is known to be one of the Best American Schools in Dubai. It's supervised by Esol Education, which pursues the establishment and management of American International Schools Dubai.
They manage and look after a wide variety of schools over the globe so that you can expect a premium schooling experience for your children. Dunecrest has some of the best mentors who use the newest teaching and learning methods to make education enjoyable for kids of all ages. They also have a lot of experience teaching in different fields, which means your child is in the right hands.
They aren't just focused towards education; they also have a Creative Curriculum, which encourages students to showcase their talent in all subjects. Your children can discover their talent in literacy, science, social studies, and even math. Then their staff helps polish the skills to help the child become part of competitions and receive rewards.

Dunecrest American School - Fee Structure

Pre - KG

AED 39,799/year

KG - 1

AED 46,721/year

KG - 2

AED 51,088/year

Grade - 1,2,3 & 4

AED 70,586/year

Grade - 5, 6, 7, & 8

AED 77,796/year

Grade - 9, 10, 11, & 12

AED 86,950/year


2. Collegiate International School


Parental Rating : 4.4
Location: 50, Al Maydar Street, Dubai, UAE
This is one of the institutions that provide American Curriculum in Dubai. Collegiate International School is a private and coeducational institution in Dubai. The school was founded in the year 2011 and is located near the Umm Suqeim area. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredited the school, offering a US curriculum from KG to Grade 12.
This top American School In Dubai focuses on building educational excellence amongst its students and provides them different platforms to express and showcase their skills. You can sign up for art, science, sports, and clubs. They offer an inclusive and assorted learning experience and welcome different students. You can choose this school for your kids!

Collegiate International School- Fee Structure


Pre KG,1

AED 37,595

KG 2

AED 41,303

Grade - 1 & 2

AED 45,938

Grade - 3,4 & 5

AED 50,470

Grade -  6,7 & 8

AED 56,753

Grade - 9 & 10

AED 62,830

Grade - 11 & 12

AED 67,259


3. Clarion School


Parental rating: 4.2
Location: D-13 AlAsayel St, Al Quoz 1,  Dubai, UAE
For those seeking a school in the Business Bay for their little ones to keep them near their work, the Clarion School is the perfect institution. CS is located in the heart of Dubai, making it the center point of surrounding locations. 
They offer an American program that is created by experts in the field to help your little ones excel in their lives. The best part about them is that they offer education from KG to High School, so it's a one-time investment, and your child will be studying until they go off to college.
The Clarion School offers an engaging environment where they assist children in overcoming challenges, go through discipline, and ensure the learning space isn't dull.

Clarion School - Fee Structure


AED 43,000/year

KG - 1

AED 55,000/year

KG - 2

AED 64,500/year

Grade 1 - 6

AED 76,500/year

Grade - 7

AED 57,375/year


4. GEMS Wellington International School


Parental rating: 4.1
Location: Nouakchott St- Al Warqa 4, Dubai, UAE
If you've been living in the Emirate for a long time or have friends with children, you know Gems is a popular name in the field of education. Al Khaleej is highly recommended and considered one of the best American Curriculum Schools In Dubai, especially when it comes to teaching the US syllabus.
With a great educational staff from different fields, they guarantee nothing but excellence for students. They have an impressive awareness plan to help build children's personalities. The school is the perfect gateway to ensuring your child is prepared for the top universities in the world and finds their way through by making a name in the field.

Gems Wellington International School - Fee Structure

KG - 1 & 2

AED 22,322/year

Grade - 1, 2, & 3

AED 36,716/year

Grade - 4

AED 38,835/year

Grade - 5 & 6

AED 39,281/year

Grade - 7 & 8

AED 40,883/year

Grade - 9

AED 41,335/year

Grade - 10, 11 & 12

AED 48,195/year


5. Mirdif American School


Parental rating: 3.9
Location:  Al Mizer 1, Behind Arabian Centre, Algeria Street, Dubai, UAE
Founded in the year 1995, your children are in the safest hands, welcoming students from KG to Grade 8. Mirdiff is recommended for students belonging to different backgrounds and ethnicities. Our teachers come from different fields and have mastered the art of teaching students to make them uncover their limits and hidden talents.
The best aspect of Mirdif is how they do not enroll a large number of students. The number of students is standard, so the learning experience is more involved, and each child feels prioritized.

Mirdif American School - Fee Structure


AED 23,986/year

KG 1

AED 24,057/year

KG 2

AED 25,203/year

Grade - 1

AED 26,348/year

Grade - 2

AED 27,495/year

Grade - 3

AED 28,640/year

Grade - 4

AED 29,785/year

Grade - 5

AED 30,930/year

Grade - 6

AED 32,077/year

Grade - 7

AED 34,368/year

Grade - 8

AED 35,512/year

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6. American School of Dubai


Parental rating: 3.4
Location: Al Barsha 1, Hessa St-First Al Khail St- opposite Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE.
The American School of Dubai is home to students from pre-K to high school. They also welcome students to all the stages, even if it's in between. This makes another decent American School in Dubai, allowing you to shift your child from any ordinary place to the latest learning methodology and top-notch schooling experience. 
The mentors at the American School of Dubai strongly focus on the kids' development process, allowing them to build their interests, which are closely monitored. Students are then assisted by mentors to work on their passions. Children can also indulge in athletic activities, keeping them mentally and physically sane in this best american school in Dubai.

American School of Dubai - Fee Structure


AED 57,680/year

K - 1

AED 61,033/year

K - 2

AED 66,623/year

Grade - 1 to 12

AED 85,057/year


7. Dubai National School Al Barsha


Parental rating: 3.4
Location: First Al Khail St, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE
Dubai National School Al Barsha is also a decent facility offering education through the American system. It is the perfect platform for students offering top-tier education to meet the international standards and cultural demands of the people residing in Dubai.
They also make sure to provide students with moral, Islamic, and social education. Your kids can also focus on learning the Arabic language. So, if this is a concern for you, your issue has been resolved, all thanks to the diverse schooling at Dubai National School Al Barsha.
Irrespective of your child's educational level, DNS welcomes students at all levels. They even have a branch in the Al Twar area, if that's where you reside, allowing you to save lots of time.

Dubai National School Al Barsha - Fee Structure

Pre-KG – K2

AED 22,349/year

Grade 1, 2 & 3

AED 24,426/year

Grade - 4

AED 25,828/year

Grade - 5 & 6

AED 26,488/year

Grade - 7 & 8

AED 29,519/year

Grade - 9

AED 30,545/year

Grade - 10

AED 32,469/year

Grade - 11 & 12

AED 36,672/year


8. Next Generational School


Parental Rating: 3.4
Location: 27 A, Behind Saudi German Hospital, Al Barsha 3, Dubai, UAE 
NGS follows the New York Learning Standards and offers comprehensive plans for the students of the Emirate. They combine both excellence and with the teachings of Islam to ensure a safe learning environment for children. Students can also learn Arabic and contribute to society with their religious knowledge.
Next Generation is one of the best American Schools in Dubai which offers a global experience for students with top mentors from a variety of fields. With the newest technology, the curriculum is created while keeping the future in mind.

9. American International School Dubai


Parental rating:  3.2
Location: 6th Street, Al Qusais 1, Dubai, UAE
Inaugurated in September 2003, AIS has been working for years to provide a safe learning environment for kids. The schooling begins from KG to Grade 12, ensuring your child is ready to conquer the educational world. They have a state-of-the-art facility fostering learners and encouraging students to be independent, more open to challenges, and kids who know what they're capable of.
This top American School In Dubai strongly emphasizes Islamic education followed by basic standards of discipline, patriotism, and respect for the surroundings. The children aren't just given top education to become leaders of tomorrow but are self-aware of the good and the bad.

American International School Dubai - Fee Structure

KG - 1 & 2

AED 21,500/year

Grade - 1 & 2

AED 23,000/year

Grade - 3, 4, & 5

AED 23,200/year

Grade - 6

AED 23,300 /year

Grade - 7 & 8

AED 26,600/year

Grade - 9 & 10

AED 31,000/year

Grade - 11

AED 34,500/year

Grade - 12

AED 36,500/year


10. Al Mawakeb School Al Garhoud - Affordable American School In Dubai


Parental rating: 3.1
Location: Marrakech Street, Opp to Danat DL Cricket Ground, Garhoud, Dubai, UAE 
Those who are looking for a decent learning environment can surely trust the Al Mawakeb School Al Garhoud. This reputable school is managed by the AMSI, which has been working for the past 30 years to manage a series of educational institutions. The school is ideal for people from different cultures, offering a multilingual learning platform where children can learn Arabic, English, and French. But their primary means of communication is English.
It's also one of the best American Schools in Dubai Careers, providing various Advanced placement programs in different fields so students can be prepped for their universities and get college credit, which is a plus.

Al Mawakeb School Al Garhoud - Fee Structure

KG 1 - 2

AED 14,976/year

Grade - 1

AED 15,219/year

Grade - 2

AED 15,280/year

Grade - 3

AED 15,672/year

Grade -  4

AED 16,003/year

Grade -  5

AED 16,489/year

Grade - 6

AED 16,667/year

Grade - 7

AED 18,480/year

Grade - 8

AED 18,600/year

Grade - 9

AED 20,232/year

Grade - 10

AED 20,413/year

Grade - 11

AED 22,827/year

Grade - 12

AED 24,277/year



Q: Are there American Schools in Dubai?

A: Dubai has a decent amount of American Schools in Dubai, with top-notch facilities and state-of-the-art buildings. Some schools include the following: you can learn more about these schools by visiting their websites.
. Universal American School
· American School of Dubai
· Collegiate International School
· Dubai National School Al Barsha
· Mirdif American School
· Greenwood International School
· Dunecrest American School
· Clarion School
· GEMS Dubai American Academy
· Al Khaleej International School
· North American International School
· Al Ittihad Private School Dubai
· Al Mawakeb School Al Gharhoud

Q: What is the American School Curriculum in Dubai?

A: The American School Curriculum in Dubai is based on the US National Standards following the top research. The primary language of instruction is English. They offer Islamic teachings for Muslim students and Arabic language classes for non-native and native students in Dubai. The curriculum is based on science, social studies, math, language, and arts teachings.

Q: What is the best IB School in Dubai?

Some of the top IB Schools in Dubai include all of the following:
· GEMS World Academy.
· GEMS International School - Al Khail.
· Swiss International Scientific School.
· Dar Al Marefa School.
· Emirates International School Jumeirah.
· Greenfield International School.
· Raffles World Academy.
· Uptown International School.

Q: Does the American School of Dubai offer IB?

A: No, the American School of Dubai doesn't offer students the International Baccalaureate diploma.

Q: Is the American Curriculum better than the British?

A: The British Curriculum focuses more on core subjects such as English, Science, and Math and doesn't emphasize much on the disciplinary courses and electives. Whereas the American Curriculum covers a massive range of subjects apart from the core programs. There are art programs, humanities, and social sciences.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a school in Dubai can be tricky, especially if you do not have much idea of where they are and what they offer. One of the most crucial building blocks of any child's life is the educational institution they study in their primary years of life. It solidifies their foundation and makes them capable of universities to create a better future and contribute to society.
Dubai is home to people of culture and emirate, which means they don't just have cultural eateries, mosques, beautiful tourist spots, and residential areas, but the schooling is also top-of-the-line. With the List of American Schools in Dubai that we have provided you with, you can go through and see what's closest to your area and match your agenda and visit. 
It doesn't matter if you want to change schools or admit your child to pre-K; there are so many options to go through. The schools we have mentioned are rated as some of the best institutions offering students high-quality education and a chance to work under some of the top educational mentors. With engaging clubs and an opportunity to build skills and extract talent, your child will surely be in good hands.
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