Best Nurseries in Dubai

Best Preschools And Kids Nurseries In Dubai :

It's certainly not easy for parents anywhere in the world to leave their young ones in a space they may not be very familiar with, particularly when they are in their productive years and are weak to harmful persuasion.
Reports indicate that preschool education is vital in a child's nurturing. The primary objective of a children's nursery is to familiarize the youngsters with a judiciously and cognitively nurturing setting in which they feel secure to discover new things and ponder upon them.

Here Is The List Top 10 Best Nurseries In Dubai

The objective of nursery schools and their learning is to present kids with a cosy, secure setting where they feel at ease. Through this feat of exploration, a child will gain the confidence to learn.
That entails conversing with them, vocal and listening training, uncovering their imagination, and bringing inspirational material when needed.
For that, you must locate the best nursery in Dubai, an establishment that aligns with your standards and facilitates the transition. So, if you are searching for the top nurseries in Dubai, here are our 10 selections you should visit.

1. Home Grown - Eco Friendly Nursery In Dubai


It's not simply about raw freedom but also how it is utilized. The Home Grown Nursery are essentially eco nurseries offering a special and precious temper with the importance of being environmentally safe at the epicenter of their approach.
Kids of the youngest ages are urged to cultivate their own flora and produce in the nursery's ecological vegetable plot. This best nursery in Dubai employs practically all reused substances for artistic and written undertakings, playthings are harmless, and all environmentally friendly cleaning substances are utilized to uphold cleanliness.
Parents can rest assured that their little young ones will be in a loving and protected environment, learning new things every day, interacting with their friends and appreciating the love of nature.

Fees Range :

The nursery offers different packages under subsequent schedules of 2 to 5 days and different timings ranging from AED 515 to AED 17,630.

Locations :

Umm Suqeim branch
Al Safa 2 branch

2. Future International - Offering Dual Language


Future International Nursery is a reputable ISO/OSAS-accredited nursery. The program and the syllabus of this kids nursery in Dubai emphasise the education and growth of children at the age of 4 years.
Our preferred aspect of this preschool in Dubai is that it integrates a dual-language mode of teaching, utilising both English and Arabic languages. This approach enables your kids to acquire knowledge and communicate in two distinct languages concurrently.
The indoor area encompasses a distinctive exploration hub, which is a component of the approach of captivating children's inquisitiveness and enabling experimentation.
This nursery also possesses significant on-site proficiency in assisting children with different abilities, something to which the crew has dedicated substantial resources.

Fees Range :

The standard fees here start at AED 28,200 per year if you opt for the 5-day-a-week package. For the 3-day-a-week package, the fees start at AED 23,970.

Location :

Al Warqa 2

3. Jebel Ali Village - Largest Nursery In Dubai


Jebel Ali Nursery is one of the top nurseries in Dubai for toddlers and kids that's conveniently reachable, with around 5 branches in Dubai and one in Sharjah.
Pledging to nurture the little ones with affection and excellent supervision, this British syllabus daycare in Dubai provides ample opportunities for them to acquire knowledge and develop young intellects.
It solely holds a private nursery arrangement and ensures the maintenance of an environment that is calm and particularly secure for infants and toddlers.
The experienced personnel here, according to parental feedback, are highly skilled as they also founded clinics affiliated with the preschool where they conduct routine examinations of the young children to ensure their fitness and well-being.

Fees Range

The fee here can range anywhere between AED 15,000 to 24,000, depending on several factors.

Location/ Branches

  • Honsho Street, Motor City 
  • Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, Al Qudra Road
  • Discovery Pavilion Mall, Discovery Gardens
  • Al Furjan South, Al Furjan Pavilion
  • Al Bahar tower 1, Plaza level, JBR
  • Boutique Villa 9, Al Zahia Community

4. Monroe's Nursery - One Of Best Preschool In Dubai


Here at Monroe's Nursery, your young ones are going to have incredible chances to investigate and encounter novel things, sentiments, social exchanges, and intelligence all around them.
It is notably renowned for its engaging sensory chambers and imaginative, enjoyable endeavours under the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) syllabus. The educators meticulously arrange everything to invigorate the child's learning capacity, such as acquiring knowledge in cultivating your own produce, spacious layout, sensorial play, and distinctive flooring system.
Maintaining its status as one of the best preschools in Dubai, parents can rest assured when entrusting their children to the gentle, affectionate care of teachers who will look after the kids as if they were their own.

Fees Range

This privately owned establishment has not disclosed any specific fee range. It's best to contact them for further guidance.


Murjan 6, JBR, Dubai Marina

5. The Wonder Years Nursery - British EYFS Programs


The Wonder Years Nursery is devoted to fostering young intellects with zeal and tending to youngsters until they reach the age of 4. They have set out to establish a setting that honours their uniqueness, nurtures their innate inquisitiveness, and advances their comprehensive growth.
As a top nursery in Dubai, their British EYFS carefully crafted programs cater to the specific requirements of each age group, from babies to preschoolers. The curriculum itself includes a diverse array of activities that concentrate on cognitive, jovial, emotive, and bodily growth.
One of their top attributes is that they promote transparent contact and support parental participation via frequent communications, parent-teacher meetings, and events that motivate family involvement.

Fees Range :

With multiple programme options, The Wonder Years Nursery Dubai offers a fee range starting from AED 24,800 to AED 33,000 per year.

Locations : 

 Motor City, Dubai Sports City
Al Thamam 41, Remraam Community 

6. Creative Nest Nursery - One Of Best Nurseries In Dubai


This specially designed EYFS facility is genuinely remarkable, with a child-centered approach, which is skillfully executed by this robust team of early childhood educators.
One of the things that we really appreciate about this preschool in Dubai, and are sure parents who wish to consistently incorporate Islamic values in their child's lives from an early age will love, is that it intertwines Islamic education with the academic curriculum and the Arabic structure of the syllabus.
Creative Nest also takes extensive measures to guarantee that the nursery's community is well-attended. Here, educators and guardians are co-learners and are anticipated to cooperate with and observe children rather than solely give directions.

Fees Range :

AED 33,000 is the annual average fee here, a testament to the quality of care and education provided by nursery fees Dubai.

Location :

16C St, Al Mizhar 2

7. Masterminds Nursery and Kindergarten - Oldest Worldwide Nursery


Parents in Dubai express that it is convenient for young ones to participate in the educational activities organized by Masterminds Nursery and Kindergarten as they are enjoyable and intellectually stimulating in an equivalent degree.
Their belief is that kids would prefer to acquire knowledge than engage in any other activity as long as the experience is delightful. Feedback such as "transformative" is prevalent for this preschool in Dubai that prides itself on child-centered pursuits such as complimentary music sessions and transport provisions.
With more than six decades of worldwide expertise, the skilled caretakers here enthusiastically guide the student groups in storytelling sessions, daily athletics, including swimming and gymnastics, and a unique campus that brings creativity to life.

Fees Range :

The annual fee range for what we may consider one of the top play schools in Dubai is around AED 52,350 to 55,800.

Location :

Villa No 17, Rumiah Street

8. Kent - One Of The Best Nursery in Dubai


When we think of the best nurseries in Dubai, Kent Nursery immediately pops up. As a component of Kent College, it is a specially designed educational preschool, and this is apparent in the arrangement of the premises and the inviting distinct entrance.
The atmosphere has been established to an extremely high standard, with sunlight, cushioned flooring, and roomy classrooms. This nursery is undeniably a dependable quality choice for early education and child care, with knowledgeable staff, high-quality materials, and a stunning setting with outstanding amenities both inside and outside.
It's also an extremely convenient option for parents, not only with the location but with the opportunity to smoothly transition to Kent College in the child's later years.

Fees Range :

Depending on the enrollment grade, the annual fees can range anywhere between AED 24,000 to 43,000 for Kent NUrsery.

Location :

Kent College Dubai, Al Abjar Street, Exit 15, Nad Al Sheba 2

9. Children's Oasis Nursery - Outdoor Education Approach


Children's Oasis Nursery is an autonomous British preschool nursery situated in the core of Jumeirah with astonishing, gentle, adoring care and attention from exceptionally capable personnel.
Among the many nursery schools in Dubai, this unique nursery feels like a sanctuary of nature as you enter its gates. The stunning and vast garden space is sufficient to thrill any child, with pet turtles, trees for ascending, which is strongly encouraged, a large grassy slope to descend, and a vegetable cultivation area.
You can easily observe how the team implements the 'muddy' outdoor education approach with exercises designed based on the children's welfare, emphasizing both their personality and educational progress, including Spanish language immersion for those who are interested.

Fees Range : 

Here, the annual fee range falls within AED 31,650 to 57,900, catering to a multitude of factors.

Location : 

22 Al Beteel St, Umm Suqeim 2

10. Dovecote Nursery


Last on our list of best preschools in Dubai, we have Dovecote Nursery, a renowned British EYFS establishment run by education enterprise Evolvence Knowledge, offering exceptional schooling to kids as young as up to 3 years old.
They have taken it upon themselves to establish inclusive settings and provide educational encounters that encapsulate the happiness of early life, foster the unique progression and advancement of every child, and pave the path for achievement in education and existence.
Utilising the observations and evaluations to pinpoint learning priorities, the preschool personnel strategises suitable and inspiring teaching approaches for every child, specifically regarding children's well-being and nourishment.
Kids are motivated to engage, discover, evolve, acquire knowledge and understand in a naturally motivating setting. By collaborating with families, Dovecote Nursery ensures an optimal beginning to learning for every little mind.

Fees Range :

The fee ranges here are normally AED 31,000 to 46,500, depending on the days/week in the offered annual term.

Location :

Repton, Al Barsha South

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, we hope you found your choice from our list of best nurseries in Dubai. The perfect childcare is an investment that can have a lasting impact on your little one's life. However, finding top-notch kindergarten schools and nurseries in Dubai can be challenging, as they come with varying budgets and preferences to choose from.
Discovering the optimal learning centre for your child is more than just about the price. Several factors contribute to the cost of a childcare provider: amenities, syllabus, student-teacher ratios, timetable, and, most importantly, safety and cleanliness.
There's another factor. Finding properties for rent in Dubai closest to the nursery would be ideal, as the more favourable the position, the better the sense of security knowing your children are not far away, plus lots of time saved in the travel.
It's a no-brainer that there are hundreds of properties for sale in Dubai, varying from ample-sized villas in quiet, gated communities to elegant, contemporary apartments for sale in Dubai in bustling, dynamic neighbourhoods.
Seeking guidance from a real estate agent to find the most suitable rental apartments in Dubai is not as hard or complicated as it may seem. It's our job to help you take in all the factors to find your dream home, from the location that is closer to your child's nursery to ease of access to the main amenities like retail centres, clinics, public transportation preference, and much more.
So, if you're ready, all you need is to get in touch for a consultation, and we'll be there to assist you in narrowing down the most suitable rental properties in Dubai for you.
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