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Mercedes Benz Places By Binghatti

Mercedes Benz Places Apartments And Penthouses By Binghatti - Downtown Dubai

Enthusiastic about choosing sophistication when purchasing a new car or investing in a new home? We are sure Mercedes Places By Binghatti must be on your list if you want to feel the class and level of comfort. Here, we are so excited to introduce a joint residential project in the heart of Downtown Dubai by Mercedes Benz and Binghatti developers. This 65-story apartment complex consists of luxury duplex and triplex Dubai penthouses for sale followed by 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments. At 341 ft, the Mercedes Benz by Binghatti is an iconic property in Downtown Dubai. The placement of the property provides you with scenic views of the Dubai skylines, including the Burj Khalifa. The project represents a unique blend of real estate and automotive excellence.

Mercedes Benz places come with different units and types, including the Mercedes Places Apartments, which has 2-3 bedroom units. The total floor space is 1,586 sq ft - 3,246 sq ft of single-floor units. Followed by the penthouses that are 4-5 bed Mercedes Places Penthouses, 3,618 sq ft to 6,969 sq ft total units. Then come the Duplex Penthouses with a total floor space of 11,196 sq ft. Lastly, the Triplex Penthouses, which are 14,136 sq ft. The payment plan follows a 70/30 ratio, with 20% being the down payment rate.

Experience a rise in the living experience with elegant design; with a floor-to-ceiling height of 4.2 meters, the space is open and luxurious. Each unit has a private pool, allowing residents to dip to escape the heat in Mercedes Places in Downtown Dubai
Mercedes Benz Places By Binghatti
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Downtown Dubai, A Landmark Of Dubai

Downtown Dubai, A Landmark Of Dubai

Mercedes Benz Places By Binghatti is situated amidst the busy Downtown Dubai Area, surrounded by iconic properties such as the Dubai Mall and Museum of the Future. As a resident of the Mercedes Places Apartments, you have access to the following places:

You get access to the beach, top brands from all over the globe, supermarkets to grab your everyday groceries, and dining outlets to enjoy a variety of cuisines. Walk around to enjoy the beautiful community, allowing you to explore and live an amazing life.

If you’re a fitness freak and love spending your free time exercising, there are cycling trails, fitness centers, running tracks, and swimming pools. Continue to remain active and healthy while living in Downtown Dubai. There are many gyms for both men and women, offering different plans and workout regimes to incorporate into your everyday routine.

Take your kids out to the play areas, the Dubai Mall, and even for cycling, and have an enjoyable time. Living in Downtown Dubai allows residents to remain connected to the city, carry out business meetings, catch a dinner or lunch with their clients, and quickly drive to the DIFC. Having the luxury of living closer to work can make coming home quicker and even more comfortable!
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The Binghatti Developers - Committed To Deliver Excellence In Every Project

Binghatti Developers are one of the well-known developers in the Middle Eastern market. Founded by Hussain Bhingatti in 2008, the company has a famous streak for developing projects in some of the prime locations in Dubai, such as Business Bay, Al Jadeed, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Liwan.
From their inception, the Binghatti developers launched both residential and commercial projects in Dubai. With the experience and resources, their initial goal was to set examples of luxury and perfect development in both sectors. They have developed many wonderful and practical projects throughout the UAE. Over time, they became pretty famous for their architectural concepts and distinctive projects. 

They are proud of their diverse portfolio, including a range of projects from hotels to apartments, office spaces, mixed developments, and much more. With careful planning and design, Binghatti has incorporated modern and smart technologies and mobile solutions in their properties. All of their projects redefine comfort and add a modern touch to living spaces or commercial places. We often hear this phrase: "Merging modern lifestyle with ease and sophistication." The projects by these developers are an accurate representation of this example.
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The Binghatti Developers - Committed To Deliver Excellence In Every Project

Mercedes Benz Places By Binghatti Amenities

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Mercedes Benz Places By Binghatti Floor Plan

2 Bedroom Apartment : 

  • 1837 Sq Ft
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3 Bedroom Apartment : 

  • 2710 Sq ft
  • 3
  • 3
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4 Bedroom Penthouse : 

  • 3007 Sq ft
  • 4
  • 4
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5 Bedroom Penthouse : 

  • 6891 Sq ft
  • 5
  • 5
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1    What is the payment plan for the Mercedes Benz Places by Binghatti?+

The payment plan of the Mercedes Places By Binghatti includes a 20% down payment at booking time. The 1st to 16th installment is 50%, which must be paid during construction. 30% payment needs to be cleared at the time of handover.
The Binghatti Developers have created the Mercedes Benz Places in Downtown Dubai with 2,3,4 and 5-bedroom apartments. Mercedes Places penthouses, duplex penthouses, and triplex penthouses. The floorplan ranges from 1586 sq ft to 6969 sq ft for 2-5 bedroom apartments.
The Duplex Penthouses fall under 11,196 sq ft, whereas the Triplex Penthouses are around 14,136 sq ft. These penthouses are quite spacious, making the living experience impressive.
As a resident of the Mercedes Places, you can enjoy all of the following amenities:
Spa and Sauna facilities
Cycling Trails
BBQ Areas
Fitness Centre
Restaurants and Cafes
Kids Park
Running Track
The handover date for the Mercedes Benz Places is December 2026.

Mercedes Benz Places By Binghatti Location

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