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Celebrities Who Live In Dubai

Celebrities Who Live In Dubai

Celebrities Who Live In Dubai: A Glimpse Into Glamour

The UAE, specifically Dubai, is a luxurious location and is renowned for its opulent lifestyle, top-notch events and innovative exhibitions. The UAE's property market is acknowledged as an investment hotspot for global investors. Among these investors are celebs from all over the world, be they star-studded Hollywood stars, beloved athletes or golden-crown Bollywood actors. These celebrities who live in Dubai add to the city's glamor and have made the destination all that appealing.

With boundless sunshine all year round, incredible dining establishments, an abundance of activities and beyond, it's simple to understand why Dubai is such a trendy place for numerous individuals to reside, work, and tour. That includes famous personalities as well.

Now, to be very clear. Some, well, most of these celebs don't permanently live in Dubai. They have purchased multiple apartments and properties around the world, and Dubai is just one of them. This is for good reason. It may involve work, vacation, last-minute business meetings, or simply investing in property. 

List Of Top Celebrities Who Live In Dubai

Whatever the case, we know anyone who visits Dubai falls instantly in love. And so have these celebs, to such an extent that they have chosen the city as their destination of respite. We have compiled a list of some of the most well-known celebrities who live in Dubai, whether permanently or for leisure.

As we list down the opulent residences of these famous personalities, you'll come to understand the charm Dubai holds and why it persists in ruling as the number one choice for those who value luxury, privacy, and tranquility. 

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1. Shah Rukh Khan: Perhaps One of The Most Famous Celebrities Living in Dubai

Shah Rukh Khan and Dubai have a bond that extends far in the past couple of years. The performer has always playfully regarded it as somewhat of a secondary residence. Among famous actors who live in Dubai, Indian mega superstar Shah Rukh Khan has made significant investments in grand properties worldwide.

He has made considerable accessions and investments in properties in Dubai's prestigious location of Palm Jumeirah. Surprisingly, the king of Bollywood's favorite property is not one he bought himself but rather the one which was gifted to him. The property's name is 'Jannat', which translates to paradise- very fitting for the Palm.
The actor has expressed great love for Dubai, its culture and way of life, and has also shot many of his movies within the city.

2. Madonna

International pop sensation Madonna's residences are consistently an excellent subject to discuss. She's well known for owning properties that show her unusual but well-loved flare of fashion, trendsetters and luxury interior design. 

It is always significant news when Madonna is selling a flat, or she is purchasing one. In Dubai, she owns a dream house within The World Islands that amounts to almost AED 64 million!
This ambitious project Madonna bought also comes with its own private beach, and the living room is designed in a manner where you can see under the sea. You'll believe it when you actually see it. 

3. Lindsay Lohan: Celebrities Who Live In Dubai In Leisure

At the beginning of her career, Lindsay Lohan appeared to be a hopeful rising star. Best known for her role in the iconic movie "Mean Girls', she quickly became a household name.

She moved to Dubai in 2014 for seclusion after a few upheavals in her profession. Paparazzi, aka media hounds, are prohibited here, and she relishes the tranquility and liberation from cameras. She is among the many famous celebs who live in Dubai who have praised the country for its culture and way of life.

Now a wife and mother, she presently resides in a four-bedroom mansion in Dubai with a view of Kite Beach, where she has established a household, initiated a cosmetics label, and persists in her acting career.

4. David And Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham are well-known and respected in each of their long careers. Whether in sports or performing for thousands on a stage.

The pair have possessed numerous dwellings, apartments, and mansions over the years but have seldom allowed the public in, hinting at peeks of home interiors only through sporadic photos over the fast-paced media in recent years. While they are not celebrities who live in Dubai in total actuality, they have bought multiple properties over the last decade.

In 2003, they purchased a villa in Palm Jumeirah, which they ultimately presented to Victoria's parents a couple of years later. They additionally acquired a residence within Burj Khalifa when it had just been built.

5. Kim Kardashian: Reality TV Celebrities Who Live in Dubai

If you are not familiar with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, then you haven't really lived at all. Apart from starring in reality TV shows, these days, she operates her skincare and style labels SKKN by Kim and Skims. She also manages a thriving private capital firm.

Kim and her kin have visited Dubai, frequently staying in opulent abodes. They are what you would call "regulars" to the city, always investing in luxury property. However, it seems that the Royal Bridge suite, located in the famous Atlantis Hotel, is where she normally lives when visiting Dubai. 

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6. Giorgio Armani

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is who you would call one of the classic celebrities that live in Dubai. He also holds a special golden visa for anybody wondering.  
It is logical that the extremely popular celebrity will desire his very own residence in Dubai, as one of the city's most luxurious hotels bears his name. He describes his introduction to Dubai as a lively, contemporary, dynamic city, inspiring aspirations of the future, advancement and possibility.

The hotel in question, The Armani Hotel, is a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship. It is situated not just anywhere in the Golden City but also in the tallest building in the world, aka the Burj Khalifa. It's quite fitting, actually.

7. Abhishek And Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Everyone fantasizes about a residence they would possess as they mature and potentially share it with someone they adore and commence their own family.
Beloved Bollywood power couple Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have invested in a number of Dubai properties, but their lavish mansion within the Sanctuary Falls location, specifically in Dubai's Jumeirah's Golf Estates, is our top favorite. 

To state it plainly, it appears stunningly gorgeous, and it's not just the looks but the modern innovation that makes this Dubai property worthwhile. 

8. Roger Federer: Sports Celebrities That Live in Dubai

For those who are not very familiar with sports, Roger Federer is a Swiss former professional tennis player. He was ranked number one worldwide for over 300 weeks! If that's not impressive, we don't know what is.

With a career in constant limelight, he is among the celebrities living in Dubai who have bought luxurious properties. In 2014, he purchased an executive penthouse in Le Reve that overlooks Dubai Marina.

Even though it was scorchingly hot (according to him) when he initially visited, the ex-tennis champion purchased the residence in Dubai as he promptly recognized that the emirate functioned effectively for training and recreation.

9. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is a renowned American cosmetics artist with origins from Iraq, a blogger, and also a businessperson who moved to Dubai almost 15 years ago. She's one of the celebrities who live in Dubai and has made quite a name for herself in the city.
Huda has seen it all, from a beauty blogger from humble beginnings who loved makeup to an entrepreneur known for her high-quality products.
She purchased a number of Dubai properties, and her most notable one is the Palm Jumeirah villa, which she describes as living in a fairy tale, with a private pool, total security, and excellent views of the sea and resort. 

10. Brad Pitt

Famous American performer and humanitarian Brad Pitt is recognized for his depiction of non-traditional personalities, attractive appearance, and a variety of spontaneous initiatives worldwide.

The actor has also been, under numerous reports, working on large property plans in Dubai. However, it is yet unconfirmed when or how they will come to fruition as a number of hindering factors have come into play.

With regard to residential property, Pitt and his partner at the time, A-list actress Angelina Jolie, possessed an estate on The World Islands, similar to that of pop singer Madonna. However, it still remains an enigma as to whether they are still retaining that estate after parting ways. 

11. Amir Khan

British Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan is another sports personality among our list of celebrities who live in Dubai. His skill as a boxer was apparent from a young age, and he triumphed in practically every juvenile national tournament in which he was qualified to participate.

He is frequently observed in Dubai, relishing the finest the city has to present. As a consequence of his affection for the country itself, Amir purchased a vacation residence here in 2021. 
It is located in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, in the District One area, showing off wall-to-wall windows, a recreation room, and a breathtaking panorama of the Burj Khalifa, valued to be worth millions. 

12. Michel Salgado

It seems a lot of sports stars love Dubai. Former footballer Michel Salgado is another one on our list. He claims that he first fell in love with the city when visiting in 2003. After moving, he has settled quite nicely with his family.

His fondness for Dubai was additionally solidified in 2021 when he was designated as the sports representative for the Al Jalila Foundation. Since relocating to Dubai, his initial endeavor at the football academy he manages was to bring his expertise to the sport and assist youngsters in the city in enhancing their physical abilities.

He is one of the celebrities who live in Dubai who likes to be hands-on with his projects, whether it's for luxury or work. 


Well, there, you have it. We hope you enjoyed our list of celebrities who live in Dubai. Did you spot your favorite one here?

Dubai has turned into a trendy destination for the wealthy and renowned to invest in property and establish roots. Who wouldn't desire to reside in and encounter the structural wonders this metropolis has to propose and engross themselves in the distinct fusion of contemporaneity and traditional customs?

You may have noticed that most of the famous personalities on our list have properties mainly in the Palm Jumeirah area. The main reason for this is the allure of the sea and the closeness to the hospitality.

You'll find that pristine shores, towering wonders, hotel lifestyles, and desert escapades are the prime thrill spots for travelers and superstars. On another note, top-notch wellness centers and golf resorts are what the elite class and stars who live in Dubai favor, while the city offers abundant chances for rest and amusement for everyone wanting to visit at least once in their lifetime, much less stay.

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