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Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai 2024 You Should Know

One of the seven Emirati states that make up the United Arab Emirates is Dubai. Dubai has boomed in terms of tourism, architecture, and business in a very short period. Dubai has become well known for its magnificent architecture and interior design.
Interior design in Dubai can be described as a visionary and artistic space designed by the most successful interior design companies. Interior designing is not just about making a place look beautiful. It's the decoration of a space that is appealing to the eye, aspires to the heart, and where memories are made. 

Top 10 Interior Design Companies in Dubai

In this article, we will outline the most excellent 10 interior design companies in Dubai that provide clients with everlasting interior solutions and renovate a space that is stylish yet comfortable. So, let's list down the top interior design firms in Dubai.

1. World Design Team - Interior Design Firms In Dubai 

World Design Team is an award-winning interior design firm in Dubai that offers high-quality services of interior designing to residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. This company is well appreciated for the professional quality service that it provides at market-competitive prices. The company provides interior architecture, landscape, and decoration services as part of its projects. It has 15 years of experience in this specific industry. 
World Design Team has talented designers who are dedicated to delivering high-quality designs to clients. The company is currently being run by the design director, a Spanish interior designer with over 30 years of experience who currently lives in Dubai and is the standing pillar behind the World Design Team. 
With his experience in providing interior designing consultancy services in London, Dubai, and Bangkok, The World Design team continues to provide its interior designing services in Dubai and has successfully created beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the personalities and requirements of its prestigious clients. Some of its famous projects include Nikki Beach Apartments, Dubai Hills, Lime Tree Villa, and many more.
Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1 - WORLDESIGNTEAM LLC, Suite 1702, Level 17 - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 876 9238

2. Muse Design - Dubai Interior Design Company 

Muse Design is a well-known interior designing company that was established in 2014 by an independent yet passionate and experienced interior designer, Shauna Heslin, who specializes in creating beautiful kitchens, villas, offices, and homes of new designs. 
Muse Design is well known for its visually appealing spaces that express the beauty of Asian and European culture through the use of various forms of textures and natural materials. Muse Design is popular for providing excellent and consistent interior design work where they pay attention to even the smallest details. 
First, they provide their clients with sketches of the design and make changes to it according to the client's requirements. The skilled Muse Design team uses modern techniques as part of their interior design to produce innovative spaces by using high-quality artwork, accessories, lighting, and furniture. 
For interior designing, the work this one of best interior companies in Dubai show speaks for itself. Apart from being the top interior design company in Dubai, Muse Design is also actively carrying out design projects in the United States, where it mainly focuses on creating luxury condos and villas. Some of the famous projects by Muse Designs include City Walk Penthouse, Villa Design in Damac Hills, Royal Atlantis Apartments, etc. 
Dubai Design District, Building 1B, office 601 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 55 357 32907

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3. Sneha Devias Atelier - Top Interior Designer In Dubai 

Sneha Devias Atelier company comes in the list of top interior design companies in Dubai. Formed by the award-winning interior architect Sneha Divya, this company specializes in commercial, hospitality, and residential interior design projects. With a master's degree in architecture from the University of Porter, she has attended courses from various other parts of the world, including New York and Istanbul. 
This interior design firm in Dubai With her extensive experience, her company is well known for delivering projects that meet the highest standards and present the utmost creativity and elegance. The work that this company presents takes into account the urban factors, social elements, and aesthetic value overall, creating space and concept that perfectly follows spectacular details and delivering creative visual space that appeals to the eye.
This company is well known for designing some of the top apartments in Dubai, and due to the higher number of clients, they have built a strong portfolio for themselves and have established a name for themselves in the industry. Famous projects include the Villa Dubai Hills, Orchid Beauty Boutique, Banyan Tree Residences etc.
Burj Gate - 48 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 56 116 9004

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4. Gaj - Top Interior Design Companies In Dubai 

Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ) is one of the best interior design companies in Dubai that provides interior designing services in the United Kingdom with headquarters in the UAE as well. It is an award-winning architectural interior designing firm in Dubai that has built a successful clientele over the years; the interior designer himself has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. 
From designing visually appealing spaces, the company is well known for turning concepts and vision into reality. Each project is carried out from a new and fresh perspective. Interior designing for the team follows collaborative work of art that shows diversity. The team goes beyond themselves to design a space that is iconic yet stands out. GAJ is known as one of the oldest interior designing companies in the UAE, and today, it offers an extensive range of services. 
It provides services in various other sectors as well, including hospitality, educational, and commercial sectors. Having won various awards in interior design, the company has carried out a series of projects, including Courtyard by Marriott, the Dubai College, and Dubai Creek Yacht Club. The company has satisfied and maintained an extensive client base by carrying out many projects successfully.
110, The Iridium Building, Al Barsha 1 - Dubai
+9714 323 7555

5. Xbd Collective - Interior Design Company In Dubai 

An Award-winning interior designing company that is well known and considered as the top office interior design company in Dubai. XBD Collective contains two brands, XBD Interior Design and XBD Architecture, both of which are well known for providing top interior designing services in residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. 
The company carries out a series of projects in the UAE along with Europe, the UK, Africa, and Asia. It was founded by Ellen Sohoel in 2015, who is a distinguished entrepreneur from Norway. After moving to Dubai, she founded this renowned interior design company. Her commitment to Innovation and excellence in the interior designing industry is reflected in her projects and portfolio. 
Some of her top projects include the signature apartment in Palm Jumeirah and the Solar House in Emirates Hill. With sophisticated wallpapers, personalized furniture, and contemporary custom lounges with detailed finishes, the company is known for its luxurious interior design services.
Suite 205, 213, 214 - Dubai Design District - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 553 5362

6. Anarchitect - One Of The Best Interior Companies In Dubai 

ANARCHITECT is another leading interior design firm in Dubai. The award-winning interior design company was founded in 2013 by a British architect, Jonathan Ashmore. The headquarters of this company is currently in Dubai; however, services are offered in London. 
The interior designing company is well known for understanding luxury and contemporary, modern architecture and interior design, and through its vision, the team successfully brings about design and lifestyle into space. This specific company offers architecture services as well as renovation and modification projects. Luxury and modern with diversity and attention to detail, creating highly resolved spaces and buildings. As the company follows more luxurious and modern interior design, this firm has quickly gained an international following and developed an outstanding portfolio. 
ANARCHITECT has one of the first RIBA certifications outside the United Kingdom; however, with the expansion, the company remains a boutique and family-owned interior design office. Famous projects include the 7Th Heaven Private Offices, Cocktail Kitchen, Hardin Boutique Hotel, etc.
Office 2902 Marina Plaza Tower - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 424 5079

7. Zen Interiors - Best Interior Designer Dubai


Zen Interiors is one of the leading and best interior design companies in Dubai. The company is widely known for its contemporary and timeless interior designing services by giving attention to detail and carrying out successful and iconic interior design projects. Apart from interior designing services, it also provides furniture services, which further add to the contemporary and timeless designs of Zen Interiors. 
This company is well known for designing stylish and luxurious elegant yet beautiful family villas by giving attention to detail. To date, the company has completed more than 900 residential projects with more lined up for the future. Apart from delivering superior and professional interior designing services, they are also flexible and affordable in their budget and deadlines. 
They cater to all kinds of interior design styles and spaces. From the concept to creation and completion, interior designing is carried out with professionalism. Some of the successful projects of Zen Interiors include the Palm Jumeirah Villa Residences, Arabian Ranches, etc. 
West zone supermarket - Sheikh Zayed Road, Essa
+971 4 340 5050

8. Task Masters - Interior Design Companies In Dubai 

Task Masters is another leading interior designing firm in Dubai that provides expert and top interior designing services. With their affordable and reliable interior design, they can upgrade and renovate any commercial and residential space. With years of experience, the clients trust this company due to its professionalism and highest level of integrity, which makes this company stand out. 
The quality and exceptional interior designing services speak for themselves. With extensive experience and expert knowledge in the field, the team at Task Masters is able to carry out their interior designing services with quality. They create a space that suits the client, sticking to the budget, schedule, and requirements as part of their interior design services. 
This interior design firm in Dubai abides by customer satisfaction, and the designers come up with innovative and creative interior design solutions. Each project is carried out differently, from hotel rooms to offices, restaurants, and private villas; the interior designs are tailored to the requirements and specific needs of clients. To date, the company has carried out and finished 250 successful interior design projects.
Al Asayel St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 50 973 7975

9. Algedra - Interior Design Firms In Dubai 

Algedra is another interior design company in Dubai. While offering interior designing services in Dubai, it also offers its services in Abu Dhabi and the United Kingdom. It provides interior designing services in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. The company is well known for carrying out exceptional interior designing services. 
Their expert team is well crafted in creating exclusive yet luxurious interior designs for all kinds of properties, including villas, palaces, penthouses, and apartments. Apart from interior design services, they also offer architecture, landscape, and furniture services as well. The company has made an esteemed reputation for itself in the industry by transforming spaces into luxurious, stylish, modern, and contemporary spaces as part of its interior design services. 
They abide by providing clients with a seamless experience, with customer satisfaction being the top priority. The company abides by timely completion of projects within the estimated budget. From creation to the very last stage of the project, Algebra efficiently executes the final results and creates a space that appeals to and is a vision to the eye. 
The greatest aspect that makes this company stand out is that it utilizes various kinds of design and cultures in its interior designs, the most popular being Italian and British designs. Some of the famous interior design projects of Algedra include the Villa in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and the Beladbont Resort.
Office 1501, JBC 3 - Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 3639703

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10. Belhasa Interior - Interior Designer Dubai 

Belhasa Interior makes it to our list of the top 10 interior design companies in UAE. Belhasa Interior, which is a Dubai-based interior design studio, is well known for its concepts, development of interiors, and decorative interior designing consultancy. The company is well known for creating contemporary yet modern and natural hues as part of its interior design services. 
It provides its services in various sectors, including commercial, retail, residential, and public sectors. The company was established by a well-known entrepreneur who is well known for creating over 50 companies in the UAE. Hence, Belhasa Interior is dedicated to providing clients with quality and perfect interior design services. To date, the company has completed more than 200 projects and created a well-known name for itself in the industry. 
Clients prefer this specific interior designing company due to its wealth of experience and the professional and expert team. Some of its famous projects include the interior designing of flagship stores, including Fauchon Paris, Sumsum Amsterdam, Studio 8, and Chocolate Bar in Mercato Mall.
Elite Business Center Office 702 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 557 5508
These are only some of the options for successful and top interior design companies in Dubai. If you have a project interior design lined up, you can visit the address or book an appointment with any of these interior companies in Dubai to discuss your project.
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