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Hospitals In Jumeirah Lake Towers

Hospitals In Jumeirah Lake Towers

Explore The Best Hospitals In Jumeirah Lake Towers With Finest Facilities

One of the finest areas in Dubai to live in is the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Made in 2002, the Jumeirah Lake Towers are located in the center of Dubai. The most ideal location for tourists and residents to reside. A total of 80 towers are built around 4 artificial lakes, providing stunning scenery and views of serene lakes and lush green parks.

The Jumeirah Lake Tower is the best location for people to live because it offers several facilities, including top-standard schools, green parks that provide jogging and cycling facilities, fitness and premium gyms, and economical hotels for tourists. 

JLT has great infrastructure. The amenities that are built around the lake and the Green Park are ideal for cycling and picnics. Located in the central location of Dubai, you can find the Dubai Metro and bus services. Access to public transportation is very easy. 

These are some of the reasons why the residents of Dubai, including tourists or individuals traveling for work, prefer living in the area. 

You can also find some of the best hospitals in Jumeirah Lake Towers. In the hospitals, you can find the top healthcare staff and experienced doctors. In this article, we have listed down the best and top 10 hospitals in Jumeirah lake towers.

Top 10 Hospitals In Jumeirah Lake Towers 

Dubai has one of the best healthcare facilities in the world. Some of the best hospitals are located in jumeirah lake towers. 

While this area is best known for its apartments, luxurious lifestyle, amenities, and facilities, it offers the best healthcare facility that plays a great role in further making this area popular. 

You can find hospitals that provide all facilities, including dental clinics, as well as top-rated pediatrics and mental health care support. Hospitals and clinics offer everything from specialization to general surgery and dental facilities. 

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1. Aster Clinic - Oldest Clinic In JLT

Aster Clinic is one of the oldest clinics in Jumeirah Lake Towers and provides the best healthcare facilities in the area. The Aster Clinic has been providing 30 years of clinical service at budget-friendly prices. You can find specialist doctors and experienced staff who are here to provide the best health care in Jumeirah Lake Towers. 

Doctor appointments can be made online, and telly consultations can also take place. The specialties in the clinic include dermatology, cardiology, psychology, ENT, family medicine, and dentistry. The Aster Clinic provides a free parking space for the patients who are admitted to the hospital. 

A laboratory and X-ray room are located within the premises. Lastly, a kids' play area is also made so that parents and children can get their check ups done with ease. 
The patients have given this hospital a 5-star rating and are highly satisfied with the friendly, supportive staff and doctors.  That's why Aster Clinic is one of the best clinics in Jumeirah Lake Towers.

2. American Medical Center - One Of The Best Hospital In JLT

It is one of the best hospitals in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Apart from gynecology treatment, this hospital provides dental services and caters to hair loss treatment.

You can also find treatments such as chemical peel and non-surgical treatment. The American Medical Center has introduced a number of packages and offers that can be found on its website. The offers are on Hydra facial and laser hair removal at different prices. 

The doctors are highly qualified and have years of experience in the field. You can find the best dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and gynecologists in the American Medical Center. 

This JLT hospital specializes in aesthetic doctors, dentistry, and gynecology. It's only closed on Friday, and from Saturday to Thursday, it's open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.      

3. New Al Shefa Polyclinic - Best Equipped Hospital In Jumeirah Lake Towers

This hospital specializes in various fields, including laser, hair removal, hair transplant, ENT, orthopedics, gynecology, dermatology, and physiology. You can find a specialist team that is top-rated. That's why this is the best hospital in Jumeirah Lake Towers for visitors and locals. 

The hospital was opened in 2000. This facility also offers nutrition and dietary plans for people suffering from eating disorders, and the clinic also caterers to food allergies. 

For cosmetology, the new Al Shifa Polyclinic has the latest and most advanced equipment to provide you with the best cosmetic and healthcare products. 

You can find various branches of this clinic in Dubai, as this hospital is trusted by many and has qualified doctors. 

4. Armada Medical Center - Top-rated pediatrics In JLT

This is a budget-friendly health Care facility in which the consultation fees from a doctor start from AED 300. The medical center is closed on Sunday but is open throughout the week from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

The center specializes in various areas, including cardiology, general surgery, vascular surgery, speech therapy, internal medicine, and general practice, and the top-rated pediatrics in Jumeirah Lake Towers can be found in the center. 

On their website, you can also find various offers of healthcare packages, weight loss programs, and dentistry. For the best patient care, you can book an appointment online or fill out the form on their website for prior appointment or registration. 

A parking facility is also offered in this Medical center, and on the website, you can also find various health and fitness articles that are provided to improve the health of individuals further.

5. Life Medical Center - Budget Friendly Medical Center In Jumeirah Lake Towers

This center provides one of the best healthcare facilities near Jumeirah Lake Towers. Individuals also have the option of booking an appointment or just walking in for a consultation. 

They offer treatments in various areas, including minor injuries and vaccinations, and they treat common illness issues such as flu, bladder infection, and minor burns. So, if you are looking for a medical center that can cater to a minor injury or health Care illness, then this is the best medical center in Jumeirah Lake Towers. 

It's also considered to be a very budget-friendly clinic. The starting fee starts from 49 AED. Despite the low fees, you can find the best and most reputed doctors at Life Medical Center.

6. VIP Doctor 24/7 - Hospital In Jumeirah Lake Towers For Expats

As the name suggests, this healthcare facility is open throughout the week, and 24/7 assistance is available. The greatest service about this hospital is that you can also request a doctor at home in case the patient is in an emergency and cannot travel. This facility is for old-age patients or those who have undergone extensive surgery. 

VIP Doctor 247 also provides a nursing home care facility and an ambulance service, which you can call at any time in case there is an emergency and there is no one to take you to the hospital. 

Lastly, this is also an international training center in which doctors can get themselves trained. The services that this hospital provides are aesthetic, general practitioner, family medicine, dental care specialist, vaccination facility and all of the staff at VIP doctor247 are highly experienced

7. German Dental Clinic In Jumeirah Lake Towers

Dental care and hygiene are equally important. The German dental clinic is the best dentistry clinic in the Jumeirah Lake Towers. German Dental Clinic deals with all kinds of dental services, including root canal treatments, dental implants, dental hygiene, and dental surgery. 

The German dental clinic also deals with the cosmetic industry, including teeth whitening and crown bridges. Orthodontic treatments are also provided, and all kinds of bases can be applied to your mouth, including ceramic, metal, and lingual bases. 

The doctors are some of the most experienced doctors, with more than 20 years of working experience in the dental industry. You can find the latest equipment and tools for dentistry in this clinic. 
This is one of the best hospitals in Jumeirah Lake Towers for visitors who are looking for the best dental hygiene and care.

8. Dr Amal Alias - Best Gyne Clinic In JLT

If you are searching for the best gynecologist in Jumeirah Lake Towers, this is the hospital to visit, as Doctor Amal is the top-treated gynecologist in all of Dubai. 

She has extensive experience working in Dubai and other Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia. She can speak several languages, including English and Russian, so this is the best hospital for tourists. If you or a foreigner speak one of these languages, then you can get a great understanding between the doctor and the patient. 

This is also an IVF center that provides the best healthcare facilities to the patients. You can find the most high-end and well-supported staff that are experienced and certified. Services are also available in this gynecology clinic, including frozen samples of eggs and sperm, assisted embryo hatching, general election, and process for transmission of frozen samples. 

State-of-the-art equipment and facilities for 3D and 4D ultrasound can also be used for ultrasound screening and a gender detection scan.  To visit this clinic, you need to book an appointment or visit in person. On Friday, it is closed, but it is open from Saturday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

9. Veincure Clinic - Best Hospital In Jumeirah Lake Towers

This is another of the best specialist clinics in the Jumeirah Lake Towers. The customers have rated this clinic with a five-star review because the doctors here are highly professional with years of experience. The leading specialists have over 20 years of experience. 

Veincure Clinic is known to treat various conditions, including rectal bleeding, fistula, fissure, and cyst. The methods used are safe, and the laser methods are painless without any complications.

The staff is fully trained, and while the clinic has the latest tools and equipment to provide the best health care, they also treat cosmetology cases, including skin therapies like acne, laser hair removal, and fillers.

10. Clear Minds - JLT Hospital For Emotional Health

As part of healthcare, mental health is equally important. This is the best counseling facility in Jumeirah Lake Towers that provides psychological sessions with trained and experienced therapists. 

They provide various services, including individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy. They also deal with patients who have been through sexual abuse or have an eating disorder or anxiety/depression. The clinic can also treat children who are having developmental issues or are diagnosed with autism. 

The clinic is open from Saturday to Thursday, but it is closed from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday. It is best advised that before visiting the clinic, you make an appointment with the psychologist.

Inspect The Properties For Rent And Sale In Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers is one of the most popular yet leading areas to live in Dubai. Due to the facilities, including the best hospitals, Jumeirah Lake Towers have become quite popular. That's why you can find residents looking for apartments for sale and rental apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers. 

As the area has become quite in demand, the rents and sale prices are costly. However, compared to the other areas in Dubai, such as Dubai Marina and Business Bay, you can still find properties for rent in Jumeirah Lake Towers at much cheaper prices. 

A one-bedroom apartment that is modern, spacious, and furnished can be found at 10900 AED per month. If you are looking for a yearly payment plan, then rental properties with a one-bedroom apartment that is located on a higher floor can be found at a price of 120,000 AED yearly. On the other hand, a 2-bedroom apartment that is located in the prime location can also be found at 170,000 AED. A penthouse that has 5 bedrooms and is furnished starts from an average price of 4,90,000 AED.

Many families prefer having their own space, and that's why you can also find apartments for sale in Jumeirah Lake Towers that have one to three bedrooms. A one-bedroom apartment that provides a stunning view of the whole community and is located on a higher floor comes at an average price of 7,15,000 AED. On the other hand, an unfurnished three-bedroom apartment for sale in the Jumeirah Lake Towers that comes with an investment payment plan and lake view starts at an average price of 2,300,000 AED.

Depending on your budget, you can find various properties for sale in Jumeirah Lake Towers and rental apartments in Jumeirah Lake Tower as per your requirements.

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